Madison Beer Hairstyle Collection

Madison Beer is a 19-year-old girl whose name is always in the spotlight ranging from everything related to her personal life, her family and her fashion style to everything she does in the entertainment industry. Here, we don’t talk about her music but pay more attention to her signature hairstyles.


Who is Madison Beer?

First, check out who is Madison Beer?

If you regularly follow the news about the US UK stars, you are certainly not strange to Madison Beer. Madison is an American singer and song-writer who is praised for her attractive beauty and extraordinary talents. At just the age of 20, she has already reached a point in her career where she’s amassed millions of followers. For someone who has yet to even release a debut studio album, that’s a lot of fans.

The 13-year-old Madison Beer came into the showbiz world when she uploaded her songs on YouTube. And she got a lucky chance when one of her cover of Etta James caught the attention of Justin Bieber who shared a link of her song on his twitter. Imagine being marketed by one of the best pop singers and there is unsurprisingly upcoming popularity.

Madison Beer Hairstyle Gallery

It can be said that besides the highly appreciated voice, Madison also grab fans’ attention because of her gorgeous beauty. She has a sexy body, elegant face with attractive wavy brown hair that can steal the heart of the opposite. She always knows how to renew herself with different beautiful hairstyles and colors. Let’s explore the hair gallery of Madison Beer now!

1. Brown Straight Hair with some lighter highlights

Madison was ready for the red carpet of the 2018 Variety’s Power of Young Hollywood with her casual straight dark brown hair. This hairstyle is simple but impressive and works well with her dress. Dividing the hair into two pieces and side one back, she delicately shows off her seductive clavicle collarbone. She adds some highlight strands with light brown color, making the hairstyle look more and more gorgeous.

2. French Braided Pigtails

Here we see a Madison Beer wore an all-white, two-piece swimsuit with a vintage vibe, featuring a mid-level waist and thick band. And the up-and-coming musical sensation styled her long, dark hair in French-braided pigtails for the day in the sun. The hairstyle is really age-appropriate with a 20-year-old Madison. It helps her look increasingly girly and youthful.

3. High Loose Wavy Ponytail

It can be said that nothing better than a high ponytail in showing off the face. The ponytail works with any hair type perfectly, whether it is curly, silky, short, long or medium-length. And here we see Madison looks really amazing with a voluminous high ponytail. It seems that she adds some hair extensions and nothing goes wrong there. Madison with her natural beauty is always stunning.

4. High bun

There would be nothing fabulous than a high bun for a hot day, right? This’s favorite by most girls and Madison Beer is no exception. This simple hairstyle is charming enough for Madison to confidently step out. It succeeds in complimenting her beautiful earrings and attracting others’ attention to her face as well as her sunshiny smile. At any point, Madison looks really youthful here.

5. Brunette Natural Curls

The talented singer looked so fantastic and amazing here! Madison Beer shed her sexy stage image as she wore smudged scarlet lipstick for a Halloween party. Injecting a little glamour into her attire, the singer drew attention to her blue eyes with deftly touches of make-up and she framed her face by wearing her brunette tresses in natural curls.

6. Sliver Long Loose Waves

Wow! Can Madison with her new silver hair surprise you? Exactly! Most of the time, we see Madison Beer with dark brown hair. But here she is rocking one of the lightest colors. She looks extremely different from these long silver wavy tresses. But she’s glamorous as ever. And this new hair just goes to prove that Madison can pull off any color.

7. Long Light Blonde Straight

Madison Beer is that you?! Fans know the “Hurts Like Hell” songstress best as a brunette, but the dark-haired beauty just walked down the streets in super light locks. Yep, that’s right. Madison is now living her best life as a blonde, and we couldn’t be more obsessed with her new tresses! The 19-year-old singer flaunted her new hair color when she stepped out. Madison’s long, white, blonde locks work so well for her! In case you were nervous she wouldn’t be able to pull it off… or something. The girl’s got versatility.

Madison Beer Hair tips

We can see Madison Beer’s hair is always beautiful and attractive with her lovely brown hair. And she can pull off any hairstyle, any hair color as we show you above. Those prove that she takes good care of her hair. See what she has done with it.

Sharing about her daily hair experience, Madison Beer says that she often goes to sleep with wet hair so when she wakes up, her hair has really pretty wavy and it transforms her into a poodle-like look (she’s kidding).

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