How To Make A Diy Wig From Lace Closure And Weave Bundles?

Wigs have gained its popularity for years because they can instantly change one’s appearance and offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to hairstyle, color, and length. However, purchasing a high-quality human wig sometimes seems to be a little expensive. Hence, many women are tending to purchase human hair weave bundles with closure to create their own beautiful wig. But then it poses a question “How to make a wig with Lace Closure and bundles”?  If you’re a newbie to this, keep reading for the step-by-step instructions.

1. What do you need?

  • Domes wig cap: The very first thing you need is a wig cap in which you sew in hair strands. There are many choices but we recommend you opt for Domes caps. They are commonly used for quick weaves or worn under wigs, but you can also use this to make your wig. It has a thick band that keeps the wig in place. This cap is thicker than the nylon wig cap and has a spandex material.
  • Pins: You need a lot of pins available to make the process easier. Sometimes you need pins to twist up or hold the hair part or to see the hair trend color. It is advisable for you to prepare some types of pins from small to large depending on your hair amount.
  • Lace closure and some weave bundlesOf course! The most important things! Making sure that you choose the right type of lace closure and hair wefts. One more important thing is that the wholesale hair extension will be your great choice to make a wig! The costs and demand of hair textures, colors, or lengths are more convenient for you.

Those are the three most basic things that you need to make a wig. Besides, you should prepare: Mannequin Head, wig stand, hair combs and set for sewing (scissors, curved needle, tweezers, weaving thread)

So, if you have all the needed to make a wig, move on the next part of the MACSARA blog to check out a complete guideline on how to make a wig with a closure.

2. Basic steps of wig making process

Step 1:  Measure The Wig with Closure Wig Cap

The first step on how to make a sew-in wig with closure is to measure your head. Ideally, you want to avoid a situation where you make a wig that does not fit you. To do this effectively, wrap the measuring tape around the perimeter of your head. Note down the number where both ends meet. Use this measurement to pick your wig cap from an online store or your local cosmetic shop.

Step 2: Set up the foundation 

After taking the measurements of your head, then make a pattern and secure your wig cap on the mannequin head. Decide where the front and back of your future wig are going to be. Be very attentive as this is an important action that will make sure your wig looks like natural hair. This step always was neglected by many women. This is the reason why some girls wig looks unnatural to some degree.

Step 3: Prepare your weave bundles

Before you sew the hair extensions onto the cap, remember to measure them. You can pin them down to see how many tracks you are going to need to make your wig. If you have one long track, we recommend you not to cut it up if you want to avoid the hair shedding.

Step 4: Sewing the lace closure into the wig cap 

Begin by securing it with pearl headed pins at the front of the wig cap, then use the needle and thread to sew it all the way around along the edge. Do not forget to make tight knots, especially at the beginning and the end of your stitching to make sure that the lace closure is secure.

Step 5: Sewing in the weave bundles

Moving on to the next step of sewing the other hair wefts. From our experience, you should start with the longest bundle at the bottom to gain the natural look, if you want the ombre effect, you should start with the darkest bundle.

Placing the first weft on the bottom from ear to ear and using 2 T pins to hold the 2 ends of the weft. Then we use a similar technique to thread the weft to the dome cap. Remember to loop twice at the beginning and the end and loop 1 time for each stitch and hold the excess thread by the left hand and stitching by your right hand.

Notice: you shouldn’t thread through the cap except the beginning and the last stitch, just let your needle run between 2 layers of the cap (that’s why your cap needs to be thick enough).

Step 6: Do the finishing task

When you have done with the sewing and your wig is starting to look like a wig, take it off the wig head and cut off the excess wig cap that is peeking from under the lace. Make sure you do not cut into the stitching. You can also cut off the excess lace if you want to. Once again, do not cut too close to the hair, or you might damage the whole result you had done.

Step 7: Style your wig (optional)

At this step, your wig is pretty much done. You can use some moist hair care products on your wig. If you are satisfied with the way the hair looks, you can leave it at that. If you are not, style your wig until you get the hairstyle you want.

So, those are a step-by-step guideline of making a wig with Lace Closure. Are you got them all? As you see, it’s not as difficult as you suppose. So, why don’t you express your creativity to do your own wig?

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3. How to make a wig

Domes wig cap, Pins, Lace closure and some weave bundles: Those are the three most basic things that you need to make a wig. Besides, you should prepare: Mannequin Head, wig stand, hair combs and set for sewing (scissors, curved needle, tweezers, weaving thread)