Male – Why Does My Hair Grow So Fast?

A lot of people, mostly men those who don’t want to spend more money going to their barbershop every month, keep asking why their hair grows so fast. Well, it is not weird at all because some people have hair grow very fast while other people don’t.

Why does my hair grow so fast?

Today, let MACSARA tell some of the fun facts, which also explains why your hair grows so fast.

What are the reasons why hair grows more quickly than it supposes to be?

You cut the hair more frequently. The truth is the more times you cut your hair, the quicker it will grow. As you probably know, the end of the hair is always the part which is easy to be vulnerable from pollution, sunlight, heat and so on. That is why it seems to less smoothy and soft compared to the root part of the hair.

How your hair grows

Also, when he is weak, it is so likely to result in split-end hair. That is why people tend to trim their hair once a month just to avoid split –end hair.

For women, it might be a good choice, but men find it somehow annoying, especially those who prefer very short hair. When you cut your hair, the cells in the hair will grow faster to cover up what has been lost. So as quickly as you think, it soon can reach the length before you cut it.


How to have a beautiful haircut?

It depends on your diet. As you can see some people have very long hair while some can’t, even when they try to maintain it. That is because of their diet and their body. If you want to have long hair, maybe a protein-rich diet is highly recommended. However, for someone who is complaining about how fast their hair grows, please do reversely.

It depends on the weather where you live. Actually, the weather does affect how fast your hair will grow. Let me make it much easier to understand by pointing out this example. People in tropical zone tend to have thicker and quicker-growing hair compared to mild zone in the earth.

Your diet can affect hair growth.

In cold weather, the hair is restricted because of an exothermal purpose. The more hair you have, the more likely you lost warmness in the winter. Therefore, you can see that Indian women, as well as Vietnamese women, have thicker and longer hair than those in Europe or North America.

In conclusion, the fact that your hair grows faster than what you expect is not a piece of bad news at all. It means your health is excellent and you can do whatever you want. If you find it really annoying, maybe you should have your own barber who can help you to have the best stylish haircut every month.

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