Mandy Moore’s Beautiful Hairstyles Will 100-Percent Make You Copy

How do you feel when someone says they have never heard of your favorite idols or your all-time most beloved song? It feels like a personal insult, an injustice. That’s kind of how we feel about the unrecognition surrounding Mandy Moore and her varied hairstyle. From voluminous, “90s supermodel-inspired curls” to messy ponytail with loose tendrils to sleek updos and modern lob, all are one of the trendiest, coolest hairstyles around. That’s why we think it is time we check out a few of best Mandy Moore hairstyles and here we’re sharing them with you. You know, to gawk, stare and strike inspiration.

Chic Low Bun

Guys, it’s almost the holiday season. There will be tons of parties and this easy low bun hairstyle of Mandy Moore is perfect for going from your desk to drinks. It’s a gorgeous center part. There’s no denying it. All the hair is slicked down into a low bun located at the nape of her neck. It’s so sleek and refined and the hint of wet-look sheen sheds more light on the hair. Will you try to copy this for your holiday party?

Adorable Crown Braid

Mandy Moore’s chic style is always on point – both on and off camera. This picture was taken when enjoying some shopping time in Beverly Hills. And it’s so hard to decide what we like more, her outfit or her lovely hair. It’s a close one, but we have to go with the braid. Her adorable crown braid is so charming and it adds to the lighthearted summer flair. We’re going to love the way Moore hides these flyaways to make an effortless vibe.

Loose feminine Ponytail

Forget what you thought you knew about the classic ponytail. Sure, it’s a great go-to for the gym, but this hairstyle also has the potential to be so much more than that. Mandy Moore is an excellent example to prove that fact when she debuted a loose, feminine ponytail at a recent press event. The This Is Us actress, 33, called the style “The ponytail of my dreams” on Instagram, and we can see why: her perfectly-messy updo was effortlessly chic without being overly complicated.

Half up half down hairstyle

Mandy proves that she always knows how to draw every attention on her. She hit the red carpet of the New York Premiere of “Dedication” by storm with this dark perfect hairdo. She styled her hair with explosive loose curls which frame her collar bone perfectly and make her fine hair appear thicker. To show off her sexy style, her top section was teased and pulled back to create more volume and dimension.

Wet look

See? Moore does love the wet look just as much as we do. Pictured at a movie premiere, she wears her damp-looking strands slicked back behind each ear. It is extremely equal parts chic and beachy. Simple but enough to be kickass. We just go to adorn her style so much.

Soft wavy lob

Our favorite thing about fall is actually not a pumpkin spice latte…it’s the increase of clients who want to transition from summery blondes into rich and warm brunettes. That’s why we LOVED seeing actress Mandy Moore embrace a deeper brunette with ribbons of golden dimension at the 2019 Emmy Awards. This is one our favorite hair looks from Moore. She just goes to prove that “simple is elegance”.

Long Natural wavy hair

If you’re a mom and looking for a simple easy daily long hairstyle, this one from Mandy Moore is for you. The hair has glamor in a natural way, perfectly matching the hot trend for natural makeup and nude lips! The parting is slightly off-center with a bit of a curve, adding a touch of contemporary-casual. Especially, the slight waves in the lower lengths give the hair fabulous volume and movement, accentuating a relaxed, glamorous look!

The glorious curls hair moments

You may have never seen Mandy Moore like this before. The pop starlet debuted her cute, curly perm at HearstLive at the Hearst Tower in New York and is said to have drawn her #hairspiration from classic 1980s films. And as you are thinking, there would be nothing that makes a better style statement than a head full of glorious curls. With this hairstyle, you ensure that all eyes are on you when you enter the room. Use hair curlers to make the curls along the length of hair if you do not have curls naturally. Apply oodles of hair mousse to scrunch the hair and make it appear messy. That is all you have to do for this easy hairstyle.

Short casual Pixie

Short pixie is also flattering for Mandy, although she provides a completely different impression with a bob and longer layered haircuts. This style definitely makes her look more daring.

Super-chic Wavy Bob

If a bob is also your beloved hairstyle, do as Moore does and switch up the norm by styling it with some soft waves. Let’s see. The glamorous new bob reaches just below her chin and features side-parted, tousled waves. The pop start completes the sexy, new look with dramatic brows and ruby-red lips for the photo. Her fans love the look so much. One admirer wrote “Wowza!! Perfection!” We are going to love this hair too. What about you?

As you can see, Mandy Moore is fearless when it comes to trying new hairstyles. She has been surprising her fans with practically all possible lengths, dos and hair hues. She knows how to look feminine and romantic, glamorous and classy, bold and daring. Such a flexible person that we cannot help admiring. Want to copy her gorgeous hairstyles? Let us know for the help. Hope you enjoy the time reading this post.