Meghan Trainor’s Hair Transformation Will Blow Your Mind

macsara Meghan Trainor s Hair Transformation Will Blow Your Mind large - Meghan Trainor’s Hair Transformation Will Blow Your Mind What reminds you of a Meghan Trainor? Rather after her very catchy “All About That Bass” tune, the next thing you probably think of when you hear the name Meghan Trainor is her long, blonde hair. She has worn this lock for over 14 years and always surprises us with the way she styles her hair. We think if you are looking for fresh hair ideas, there is no need to scour Instagram for hours Instead, just go straight to Meghan Trainor’s, where you’ll find the cutest assortment of styles on the singer. Here we show you some of Meghan Trainor hairstyles.

Who is Meghan Trainor?

macsara Who is Meghan Trainor large - Meghan Trainor’s Hair Transformation Will Blow Your Mind Meghan Trainor is well known as Grammy-winning American pop singer. Born on December 22, 1993, Meghan Trainor was nurtured on Nantucket Island in a family with musical roots. She surrounded her childhood with music, learned to play various instruments and wrote her own songs. She arrived as a pop sensation with the 2014 release of the music video All About That Bass. The song was soon taken to No. 1 around the world and sent Meghan to the spotlight, leading to the success of follow-up songs such as “Meghan Trainor: Lips Are Movin’ (2015)” and “Todd’s Pop Song Reviews: “Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor (2015). All Trainor’s debut albums took the music charts by storm.

How Meghan Trainor style her blonde hair?

As we mentioned about, Meghan Trainor has kept her blonde color with her hair for 14 years. So, let’s take a look at her hair transformation through the years. Ponytail In the first song “All about that bass”, the Lips are Movin singer had opted to pull her blonde locks in a chic side ponytail hairstyle. Her locks were parted on the right side. She styled her hair near the hairline with some lightly curled and left loose to give the shabby chic element to her hairstyle. She tied a gauze bow around her ponytail to perfect these locks.  Surely, she looked so youthful and energetic with this cute appearance. macsara Ponytail 1947d7c7 243a 4a1e 9097 ab705265c796 large - Meghan Trainor’s Hair Transformation Will Blow Your Mind Pigtails macsara Pigtails large - Meghan Trainor’s Hair Transformation Will Blow Your Mind This is another cute image of Meghan Trainor. She had high pigtails with lots of loose strands in her “Lips Are Movin” music video. The hairdo helps frame her face and makes it slimmer. Braid Brigade macsara Braid Brigade large - Meghan Trainor’s Hair Transformation Will Blow Your Mind Such a glamour and attractive hairstyle it is. The long braid brigade hairdo works well with her outfits. Undoubtedly, Meghan Trainor looks so sexy and charming with these locks. Bob macsara Bob large 1 - Meghan Trainor’s Hair Transformation Will Blow Your Mind Meghan Trainor looks gorgeous here in a sleek and voluminous blonde bob. This hairdo is blow-dried under to frame her face and jaw-line while the blunt ends give her ‘do some swing and movement.

Meghan Trainor with brown hair

macsara Meghan Trainor with brown hair large - Meghan Trainor’s Hair Transformation Will Blow Your Mind The time that the 22-year-old singer surprised her fans when she dyed her trademark blonde tresses into brunette hues, only to debut a striking auburn hairstyle just a few days later. Meghan explained that her bold new style “goes with the new album” she will be releasing in May, titled Thank You, adding that she won’t be going back to her trademark blonde shade any time soon. Talking about her new look, she shared that it made her feel more intense, more confident, sassier.

Meghan Trainor with new redhead hair

macsara Meghan Trainor with new redhead hair large - Meghan Trainor’s Hair Transformation Will Blow Your Mind We have seen Meghan Trainor with flaunting beachy blonde waves on and off the stage, but the singer decided to make a major hair change today. She took to her Instagram account and introduced a new color and length mane. For another new album, the pop star out goes the long Rapunzel blonde, and incomes a copper-red chopped lob. Usually, we are hard to get acquaintance when a celeb changes up their signature look so drastically, but no doubt we actually prefer this look on Meghan. The lob cut is right in world favor and the reddish-brown shade looks great with her fair complexion.

Meghan Trainor hair beauty secret

At first, you maybe think that there is a secret hair society among pop divas with ever-evolving hair. However, the opposite is the reality. It actually isn’t quite so secret with wonderful hair of superstars. Yes, this is thanks to hair extensions. Extensions are a fair new territory for Trainor, who donned them for the first time for her first music video. It was like follicular nirvana for her. She shared, “It was a whole new world. I felt more powerful. I love my extensions, and I don’t mind talking about them.” Extensions can be interesting and useful for the wearer to change up their look in an instant. They are also a method with which to express your personal style, so we don’t have any problem with her (or any pop star) wearing them. And neither should you!

Where to buy hair extensions?

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