Men’s Hairstyles & Haircuts Swag – G Eazy Hairstyle

What is G-Eazy hairstyle? How to get it? Keep reading to discover the truth yourself!

Men’s Hairstyles & Haircuts Swag – G Eazy Hairstyle

What is G-Eazy hairstyle?

What is G-Eazy hairstyle?
What is G-Eazy hairstyle?

G-Eazy (born Gerald Earl Gillum) is a famous Californian rapper who not only well-known for his musical talent but also for his impressive fashion sense. Indeed, G-Eazy has a promising music career as he is producing hits after hits, including collaborations with Britney Spears. And coming along with the artistic ability, the 30-year-old rapper has also taken interest in the fashion world as he released a collaboration with Rare Panther. G-Eazy himself is also a fashion icon whose alternative style as a rapper is always very unique and impressive! GQ Magazine even listed him in Top 10 of the most fashionable people at 2015 NY Fashion Week. G-Eazy’s styles often are not so glamorous as he is frequently seen wearing a cool leather jacket with the hair styled into a side-parted slick back style. Thanks to its stylish look, many men have opted for this hairstyle when they want to transform their appearance to a new image; and because G-Eazy was the one who creates and lead this hair trend as well as wearing it too often (almost all the time he appears to the public), this hairstyle is named under the rapper’s name – which is now people call it the G Eazy hairstyle.

In this post we will show you how to get a basic G Eazy hairstyle, as well as introduce to you three variations of this style (including G Eazy’s current 2019 haircut): the slick back, the messy quiff, and the hard part side parting (the original one).

Key Features of This Style 

No matter what variation is, the G Eazy hairstyles all have these three characteristics in common:

  • Hard side parting
  • Hair combed away from the parting and straight back on itself
  • Unlike the pompadour which relies on volume in the front, for G Eazy hairstyle, hair flat to the end

So to find out if your hairstyle is up to G Eazy standard, compare the above criteria to find the answer yourself.

[1] The 2016 version of G-Eazy haircut – side parting (the original one) 

What is the G Eazy haircut actually called? 

This kind of haircut seems so classic from the 40’s-50’s – which is good because the retro style never gets out of style. It does not contain any particular highlight element but gives overall a remarkable impression. Of course G Eazy could not duplicate the 20th-century haircut without upgrading it by adding some modern details. Therefore, you should not worry about looking old-fashioned.

What to ask your hairstylist to get G Eazy haircut?

Ask for a side parting in a barber’s shop if you’re going to replicate this hairstyle. Looking carefully at this G Eazy version, you can see that the clean areas are mostly around the rapper’s ears and above the neck. This is a smart decision because it can bring more volume to the top. So point out your barber to keep the back and sides of your head with a zero taper fade.

If it’s not essential for you to change your hairstyle on every occasion, then you can get a hard part as G Eazy, which will greatly save you hair styling time.

How to style this G Eazy haircut?

You will need a fine-toothed comb to brush your hair up. When you just get out of the shower and your hair is still wet, forming the hairstyle by parting hair to one side and then start styling it by blowing dry and combing your hair. Doing this way so that your parting could stay formed until night.

[2] The 2017 version of G Eazy hairstyle – the slick back

What is the G Eazy haircut actually called?

This is a slick back with a low taper on the sides and back. At first glance, you may have some unpleasant impression about this style in your mind: criminal movies, mafia, and murders. In fact, this style is sported by Robert De Niro in Casino and Al Pacino in Godfather but is upgraded a bit by adding the taper for a slightly more modern edge.

The simplest and easiest way to duplicate this hairstyle is to show a picture to your barber and ask them to cut your hair like the way you want. The optimal length of the top hair of this cut is around 6-10 inches with 1-2 taper on the back and sides depending on your preference.

[3] The 2019 version of G Eazy hairstyle – Messy quiff

What is the G Eazy haircut actually called?

The current G Eazy haircut is a medium-length messy quiff haircut with a low taper fade on the sides and back.

To replicate this G-Eazy haircut, just ask your barber for a messy textured quiff with 4-5 inches on top and more length left in the fringe. With the neck and sides, add a low taper fade which is around 0-0.5. For styling hair, you should not spend too long styling this one, just use a blow dryer and your fingers to mess it up is fine.

G Eazy hairstyles are always the good options for men to transform their look to a classier appearance. Wishing you quickly have a beautiful hairstyle as desired!

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