Miss World 2019: Jamaica’s Toni-Ann Singh Crowned The 69th Miss World

Miss World is the world’s longest-lasting beauty pageant. It was first held in 1951. At the final of Miss World 2018 in Sanya (China), Mexican beauty Vanessa Ponce De Leon was crowned. Miss World 2019 is the 69th edition of the Miss World pageant. The competition was held on December 14, 2019, at the ExCeL London, United Kingdom.  Miss World 2018 Vanessa Ponce of Mexico gave the crowned back Toni-Ann Singh of Jamaica by the end of the event. This is Jamaica’s fourth Miss World prize and it’s first since 1993. Join MACSARA to discover the beauty of the Miss World 2019 event.

Toni-Ann Singh 23 years old has been crowned the 69th Miss World by her predecessor Vanessa Ponce.

A tearful newly crowned Miss World 2019 said that she was so honored and grateful for this opportunity. But most of all she thought about the work that needs to be done. She has the platform and the means to do it. Toni-Ann Singh was ready to get out there and work. She was extremely excited.

Miss world 2019 successor is a women’s studies and psychology student at Florida State University who aspires to be a medical doctor. Previously she has held the position of the President of the Caribbean students association on campus. In her free time, she enjoys blogging, cooking, singing, and volunteering. One of the most important things in Toni’s life is her mother who has facilitated her dream by supporting her in every way possible.

Toni-Ann Singh with Mom and Dad

In beauty contests, she is also appreciated for her balanced face and beautiful smile. To be as successful as today, Toni-Ann is always grateful to her relatives who always support her steps. On the Miss World 2019 stage, Toni-Ann didn’t hold back the tears of happiness and pride when she became Miss World 2019.

After the performance of the song “Mysterious Girl” by MC Peter Andre and 111 beauties of the Miss World pageant. The 40 best contestants of Miss World 2019 were revealed. The beauties wore the same silver bodysuit, beamed and proud smiles when called into the ring.

Top 40 Miss World 2019: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Brazil, China, Cook Islands, Denmark, Vietnam, England, Hong Kong, Kenya, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Uganda, Ukraine, USA, Wales, British Virgin Islands, France, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Malaysia, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Nepal, Nigeria, Paraguay, Philippines, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, and Venezuela.

Before the final night, Toni-Ann entered the top 40 contests thanks to winning in test part Miss Talent. Even in the finale, the beautiful Jamaican also had an impressive performance in the song “I Have Nothing” by the late diva Whitney Houston in front of thousands of audiences. She looks so gentle with her dark wavy hair. Do you like her hair? Refer 20-inch clip in hair at MACSARA to see more beautiful hairstyles like Toni-Ann Singh!

The runner up of Miss World 2019 was Miss World France, Ophely Mizuno. Miss World India, Suman Rao was placed third. Miss World competition finished after 1 month that saw contestants from 111 countries competing in a number of fast track challenges. These contests included Multimedia, SportTalentTop Model, Head to Head Challenge and Beauty With A Purpose.

The highly anticipated final was broadcast live in the UK on London Live, streamed on www.missworld.com and 150 countries. Across all social media, the festival and final has received more than 2 billion hits.

Left to right the top 5: Jamaica, India, Brazil, France, Nigeria.

The famous MC of England -Piers Morgan was the one who asked the candidates questions in the behave contest. Each contestant receives a different question and expresses opinions about the issues in 2 minutes.

Of the 5 contestants, Miss India was the contestant with the best part answer. She answered fluently in English, expressing ideas about the independence of women in modern society as well as gender equality. She urged everyone to care, try to solve the hot issues of current society.

MC announced the top 12 of Miss World 2019: Kenya, Nigeria, Brazil, Mexico, India, Nepal, Philippines, Vietnam, Jamaica, France, Russia, and Cook Island.

Standing on stage, Luong Thuy Linh of Vietnam choked. She is very proud and happy because she reached the top 12 and didn’t disappoint the audience who are directly supporting her.

The 10 contestants with the best philanthropy project Miss World 2019 appear on the stage. Those are Nigeria, Tunisia, Venezuela, France, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal and Vietnam who have entered the top 40 Miss World pageants 2019.

Miss World 2019 closed with the parade after the emotional coronation of Miss Toni-Ann Singh. Although the format of the program did not include a swimsuit performance. However, the audience was still devoted to the contest of special attention.

5 additional awards of Miss World 2019

Miss Sports: British Virgin Island

Miss talent: Jamaica

Miss fashion show: Nigeria

Miss media: Nepal

Miss kindness: Nepal

Let’s see the beauty of the new Miss World – Toni-Ann Singh in real life:

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