Most Basic Textures Of Natural Hair Extensions

These days, natural hair extensions win the hearts of many people because of some advantages. Natural hair extensions are produced in various forms like clip-ins, wefts, closures and wigs to meet the various demands of customers.

Another advantage that makes natural hair extensions popular is that they can provide a thick and full texture to your natural hair. Especially, natural hair extensions mimic your own hair very well, so it is quite difficult for other people to distinguish between your real hair and natural hair extensions.

Natural Hair Extensions
Natural Hair Extensions

The sew-in method is used to install most of the natural hair extensions. The installation takes you about 3-5 hours. It is not an easy task to do it by yourself without the help of other people, so we recommend you to visit a professional hairstylist to get the natural hair extensions installed.

Your natural hair needs to be taken care of and so do natural hair extensions. It is necessary to wash and condition your hair while wearing natural hair extensions and moisturize them regularly.

Even though natural hair extensions are popular now, this writing will be very informative for women who are new to the world of natural hair extensions as we are on the point of suggesting some of the most favorite textures of natural hair extensions.

Kinky straight hair extensions

Kinky straight hair extensions can also be called a blow out straight weave. Many celebrities have tried such fashionable hair extensions, such as Yvonne Orji and Niecy Nash.

Customers are given a lot of different choices when choosing kinky straight hair extensions because there are Brazilian kinky straight hair extensions, Indian kinky straight hair extensions, Peruvian kinky straight hair extensions, Malaysian kinky straight hair extensions and many others.

Kinky curly hair extensions

Apart from having to take of kinky curly hair extensions as if they were your natural hair, you need to bear in mind a few notes. The first thing is that you should not comb the kinky curly hair extensions too much or you should use a wide-tooth comb so that the curls can be kept in good shape for a longer time. Additionally, you can use some hair rollers together with some styling products to enhance the curls.

It is noteworthy that kinky curly hair extensions can absolutely be straightened as long as you want to do it.

Kinky coily hair extensions

Not only kinky curly hair extensions but also kinky oily hair extensions can be straightened, however, we not recommend it as it can destroy the curl pattern created previously. At the same time, the hair extensions will be damaged because of the heat during the process of straightening.

Besides, we recommend you to use a Denman brush for kinky coily hair extensions to define the curls.

Yaki hair extensions

Yaki hair extensions are available in 4 types: straight Yaki (or silky Yaki), regular Yaki, kinky Yaki and coarse Yaki. All 4 types look like natural beautiful black hair. That is why Yaki hair extensions are said to be able to give you a natural look.

Please let us know whether our information can satisfy you or not.