Top 4 Emma Watson hairstyles That You Cannot Miss

Emma Watson is a well-known English actress. It can be said that her name is most closely associated with the British-American film series named “Harry Potter” as she was involved in all 8 Harry Potter films (2001-2011).

Not only is Emma Watson famous for her professional acting ability but her intelligence, her natural beauty, and her style are also highly appreciated. Her hairstyles play a key role in forming her image in the eyes of her fans all over the world.

Here is the list of some hairstyles that you can learn from Emma Watson.

Funny pixie hairstyle

Funny pixie hairstyle of Emma Watson

In 2010, Emma Watson debuted her funny pixie hairstyle at the premiere of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” (part 1).

Many fans were shocked as their idol changed 180 degrees with such a playful short hairstyle. Her look with super short hair is completely different from the look of Hermione Granger. However, it can be denied that “the little witch” looks much more youthful with the pixie haircut. Moreover, the pixie haircut helps to elongate her face.

While the pixie hairstyle does not make her elegance overshadowed, it helps to enhance her fashionably luxurious style.

If someday you want to change your image to break the monotony, do you dare to have your hair cut short like what Emma Watson did? In case the answer is yes, you must think of the maintenance of the pixie.

Retro bob hairstyle

Emma Watson’s retro bob hairstyle

Emma Watson completed her outfit with a retro bob hairstyle to attend the premiere of “This Is the End”.

The fab faux bob is associated with side-swept bangs that are tucked behind her ears by some bobby pins. Thanks to that, her sparkling triangle-shaped earrings are shown off subtly.


In addition, the curly ends contribute to giving her a vintage look for which makes other people cry out. The bob looks both neat and elegant. It makes clear the fact that the actress of “Harry Potter” is always the focus of attention whenever she hits the red carpet.

Braided hairstyle

Braided hairstyle – a style of Emma Watson

Medium length hair has the most ideal length to get a braid.

It is quite simple to create a side braid. She just braids her hair from the back to one side, secures its end with an elastic band and she is given a sexy asymmetry look.

She opted for this hairstyle when appeared at Cannes Film Festival in 2013. This is a French braid. Emma was born in Paris. Perhaps French culture has much influence on her, so she seems to be partial to the French braided hairstyle.

Messy updo hairstyle

Messy updo hairstyle

Like other celebrities, Emma Watson has to attend a lot of parties and events. It is easy to realize that Harry Potter’s best friend often chooses simple and gentle hairstyles to appear at these events. One of these hairstyles is a messy updo with some locks left. Undoubtedly, the messy updo makes her look like an upper-class lady.

Let’s choose one that is suitable for you.