Most Glamorous Looking Short Wedding Hairstyles

While many brides-to-be are busy growing their locks in hopes of getting princess-like hair on their big day, many others decide to wear short hair for their wedding. With less hair to deal with, you may have difficulties in choosing your styling options, especially if you’re looking for something special and different from your normal look. Don’t worry because the creative room for short wedding hairstyles is enormous. See through our post to get some inspiration. Hopefully, you find this informative and interesting!

I. Short wedding hairstyles

1. Casual Strands for Short Hair

Casual Strands for Short Hair
Casual Strands for Short Hair

There may be nothing more gorgeous and jealous than a woman with a classic chic hairstyle with some loose strands striking down her face. This is a radical look for a bride and a casual short wedding hairstyle. Just try it and rock your fantastic appearance.

2. Delicate Curly Bob with Accessory

There’s a myth that wedding hairstyles can be only done well on long hair. This delicate curly bob just goes to prove the opposite is true. Your regular cute short bob hair can look perfectly glamour with some flowery accessories on your wedding day. It lets you show off every piece you put so much thought into while still looking stunning.

 3. Intricate Short Updo

If you love the elegance of updo hairstyle but feel stuck with your current hair, don’t despair. There are dozens of ways to make your bridal updo to be the talk of the town. And this intricate braided short updo surely sends you to the spotlight.

Simple and elegant, these hairstyles for short hair will take everyone’s breath away. Updos are always among ideal wedding hairstyle options for short hair – all you need is the right accessories.

 4. Low Buns

If you can’t seem to get a hang of updos due to the length of your hair, you can always play around with low buns.

They’re far easier to achieve for women with shorter hair, and they also serve as chic and tasteful wedding hairstyles.

5. Pixie Hairstyles

You may think that pixie cut is a hard task to transform you into a gentle and chic mermaid, but accessories are here to save the day. Those with pixie hairstyles can style their hair with some cute additions like headbands or flower crown to lighten up their look on Big Day.

Pixie style cut is always trendy and is on the fashion scene and works best with the brides who want to look sexy and hot at their wedding.

6. Side Swept Short Wedding Hairstyles

Side-swept hairstyles will always be symbolic of femininity and seductiveness. And luckily, this hairdo works well on every hair length. With shorter hair, you can use pins for holding it in place on the side. Using a rolling technique will also help with getting the result you wish.

7. Beachy Waves

Short hair looks fabulous with plenty of texture so beachy waves are an excellent option, especially if your hair is fine. You can make them look more graceful by smoothing down any flyaway and incorporating a hair accessory into the look. This would look amazing with a beaded or more boho-inspired dress if you’re not into being traditional.

8. Twisted Up-Do

If your hair is around shoulder length then you could definitely come with an up-do that sits at the nape of your neck. This twisted hairstyle is perfect for adding volume and fullness to your hair. Also, some loose hair strands around your face bring with a gentle and feminine feel.

9. The Illusion of Length

To create the trick of long appearance for short hair, you can try a crossbraided style. The complexity of the cross-braid adds volume and depth to your hair. With the help of a stronghold hairspray and some strategically placed pins, you will ready to wear this style all day long and dancing without any problem.

10. Bohemian Braided Bun for Short Hair

For hair that’s shoulder-length, the gallery of bridal hairstyles is endless. If you are fortunate to have shoulder length straight hair, try this boho braided bun style that’s not only perfect for weddings, but every day wears too. Short wedding hair can be as gorgeous as long hair.  This hairstyle is the best evidence for that statement!

11. Braided Lavender Hair

Brides experimenting with hair colors are redefining wedding hairstyles for short hair. The soft lavender hair features a tinge of silver color that enhances the charismatic hairstyle. You may want to feature fresh flowers or appropriate hair accessories to your bridal hairdo. In this case, just stick a sprig of baby’s breath under your fishtail braids. If you’re getting to wear a bridal outfit in Boho style for your wedding, then this neat hair affair will complete your wedding look just perfectly.

12. Flower Tiara with Short Wavy Hair

flower crown will turn you into a princess look. Even a bride with short hair can wear her favorite flowers as a tiara for the marriage. The messy fishtail takes care of the long curly bangs that would otherwise fall into the face. Be a charming Boho bride exploring the various ideas of this popular trend!

II. Tips for choosing your wedding hairstyle

  • Know your face. To be honest with yourself and choose the hairstyle that makes you feel comfortable but being a goddess.
  • Take advice from a professional. It is the most special day of your life so no one better than an expert, to take care of every detail with your hair.
  • Define your style. Know exactly what you want will help you avoid long talks about your hair.
  • Do research and trial. It’s important to check out what you like and whether it suits you. Remember the most important thing on that special day is that radiant looks, as you always dreamed of, so don’t hesitate to do an experiment.

When it comes to being a woman and cutting your hair, it’s a big decision especially if getting married is a factor, but the beauty of being a modern bride is the endless amount of accessories and knowledge held stylists is that you have numerous options when it comes to creating your dream day. With the few tips and suggestions of hairstyles we give you here, we hope you find the one that suits you best.