Nano Ring Hair Extensions – Saviors Of Fine-Haired People

Trips to the hairdresser may be off the cards due to the coronavirus lockdown with many beauty and hair salons closing to help prevent the spread. The lockdown might have slowed the pace of life down but not blocked women off from being beautiful. So what’s the solution? The greatest option for you is to go for hair extensions that you can do it yourself. And of all methods, Nano ring hair extension is the one that you must try at least one time.

1. What is Nano ring hair extensions?

When wearing hair extensions, what is your expectation? Actually, the extensions should blend perfectly in your hair, act and feel like your natural hair does. It can be difficult on very thin hair or with some styles. So, Nano ring hair extension was created to overcome that difficulty.

Just like Micro rings, Nano ring hair extensions are a strand by strand method, but there is a difference lying on these rings. Nano rings are one-tenth of the size of the traditional micro rings. So they can only be used with Nano tip extensions.

The small rings are perfect for camouflaging extensions, so you don’t have to fear anything being visible. With these wonderful extensions, hair has a very flowy natural movement because there are not any big wefts that keep the strands from moving.

Nano ring hair extensions can do the magic, especially for those with finer hair. You can decide how many strands you want to put in and that way control the overall density and volume of the hair.

Another cool thing that can be done with nano ring hair extensions is adding highlights, lowlights, or simply pops of color to your locks. You can buy extensions in different shades and then style your hair with cool locks without damaging it. Chemicals in all hair dyes are very strong and often make the hair prone to dryness, breakage, and shedding. So, if you want to change your look and style without causing damage to your natural strands, go with nano ring extensions instead.

2. What are Nano ring hair extensions made of?

As mentioned above, the Nano ring can only be used to attach nano-tip extensions to your hair. This hair has a strong keratin tip that secures a fine metal loop tip that is inserted into the ring before being clamped with pliers. Because of the tiny wire, nano-tip extensions are lighter and allow your hair more freedom of movement.

3. How to apply Nano ring hair extensions?

The Nano ring extension is by far one of the most discreet and convenient methods on the market. They don’t use any heat, glue, braiding, or sewing during the application or removal. They are quick, pain-free, and non-damaging. This is why we believe this method is nothing like anything else on the market and is our top of the list choice for best hair extensions on your hair and scalp.

So now let learn how to install Nano ring hair extensions!

All you need is your hands and a tool to clamp the nanorings. Using an end of a comb, section off a small strand of hair, equal to one of the extensions. Take the loop in your other hand pull your strand through it. Now pull on the end of the loop to pass your natural hair through the micro ring. Leave about one centimeter of space between the nano ring and the root of the hair and clamp down the ring firmly.

The best way is to start this process at the nape of your neck and do a row of about five strands. Move up as you go along and stop about one inch above your ear. As with all extensions, you don’t want to go too high up. Experiment with the number of strands to get the desired volume and density.

NOTE: After your hair extensions have been applied do not wash your hair for 2-3 days to allow the bonds to fully set. Tie your hair back in a loose braid for bed.

4. How to care for Nano ring hair extensions?

  • Brushing

Brush your combined locks three or more times per day to remove knots and boost shine. Carry an extra purse brush as a daily reminder. Before sleeping, braid your mane loosely so you’ll awaken with tangle-free tresses.

Make sure the only brush you use on or near to the bonds is an extension brush; these are designed specifically to ensure your bonds do not get snagged. When brushing it is important to hold the bonds to support them, this prevents excess tugging on the extensions.

  • Washing

To keep the hair extensions in good shape, you should wash them 2-3 times per week. Before washing, brush the hair smoothly and separate the bonds. When the extensions start growing down, the bonds need to be separated on a regular basis, to prevent matting occurring at the roots.

Never use silicone-based or oily shampoos or conditioners near clamped beads to prevent slippage. Treat your hair with a thermal protection product before using hot tools like blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons. That will guard against frizz and heat damage that may occur after frequent hot styling.

5. Where to buy high-quality hair extensions?

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