Natalie Portman Best Hairstyles From Time To Time

The new season has come and you are thinking of getting a new brand look with a new lovely hairstyle but haven’t found any inspiration yet? Then just look at these fabulous hairstyles of the famous American actress Natalie Portman. Her hairstyles are truly versatile, which ranged from the bold short pixie haircut, mid-length bob to feminine long wavy hair. And the special thing here is that the actress always manages to shine with each hairstyle. Today, let’s join MACSARA to have a glance at the best hairstyles of Natalie Portman in these pictures below!


Natalie Portman short hair 

Natalie Portman bob hairstyle 

Let’s get started with this Natalie Portman new hairstyle. In the past year, the actress has experimented with many hairstyles for her major roles from the bold style like buzzcuts to the feminine style like big curls and more. Yet in real life, she seems to quite loyal to the simple yet elegant style as she consistently wears her chestnut brown hair with sunny highlights. Instead of sticking to the same look, she has worn for a while, Portman has just debuted a rather dramatic look by shedding major inches on hair and appearing with a gorgeous blunt bob at We Day 2019.

Her hair, which was cut and styled by celebrity hairstylist Cervando Maldonado, just touching the shoulders helps to bring out a youthful appearance and it looks even more amazing when the hairstylist adds some beachy waves toward the ends. Her tousled texture adds a gorgeous element of volume to her short cut.

Natalie Portman buzzcut

Natalie Portman is a good actor and really dedicated to her profession, this is no doubt. The evidence of this is that the actress never hesitates to challenge herself with many different types of roles from simple to complex, as well as never hesitant to sacrifice and change her appearance to serve the roles. Typically is when she took off her feminine image to shave her head and cut the buzzcut hairstyle, a hairstyle only thought of for men, to serve the role of V in Vendetta. Despite her bold and manly hairstyle, Portman still managed to look extremely attractive, didn’t she?

Natalie Portman pixie cut

After shaving her head to film, Portman began raising long hair and a year later she appeared with impressive pixie hair. Not to mention the bold and fancy appearance of this hairstyle, it’s common for many people to think that this haircut is not versatile due to its super short length. However, Natalie Portman has proved that you’re totally wrong. Look! The Hollywood star has a hundred ways to diversify her pixie cut by changing different styling methods. From the glossy slick back to lovely short wavy, to the elegant side-parted pixie, etc. Portman has never been disappointing or boring with her super short mane, whereas, in any style, the actress is always beautiful in a particular way.

Natalie Portman long hairstyles 

While hair trends come and go every season, no haircut has defied time like the long soft curly hair. Here let take a look at some gorgeous long hairstyle of Natalie Portman

Side-parted messy curly hairstyle

Natalie looks gently classic yet extremely stylish with this deep side-parted curly hairstyle. The skillful brown hair that exuded smooth white skin and red lips, Natalie looked truly impressive like a noble lady. With all these beautiful looks, who doesn’t fall in love with the actress!

Long curly brunette hairstyle

Bring the vibe of 70’s Hollywood star’s hairstyle, this hairdo is the perfect combination of classic beauty and modern beauty, help Portman look elegant and luxurious than ever!

Long layered blonde hairstyle

Natalie Portman curly hair is literally a trademark of the Black Swan star. Appear with some relaxed highlights for a beachy feel, Natalie looks fresh and beautiful even when she just applied some very slight makeup. This graceful look is suitable for any face shape so if you’re thinking of duplicating this haircut, don’t hesitate to do!

Which Natalie Portman haircuts do you like the most? Let us know by leaving the comment below!

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