Necessary Information About 16 Inches Of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are popular for girls especially when beauty is more and more important. However, do you know how to use the hair extensions correctly? Or are you looking for a major hair change with 16 inches of hair extensions in 2020? This Macsarahair post will give you useful information to help you choose a favorite style easily.

Necessary Information About 16 Inches Of Hair Extensions
Firstly, you need to know what is 16 inches of hair extensions.

If you don’t like long hair, this is the ideal choice of hair to use. 16 inches hair goes below the collarbone. Precisely, it falls to your upper back. So, with this length, its neither too short nor too long. Notice that when talking about the curly hair, it will appear shorter than the straight one.

The curly hair will be 2-3 inches shorter. Thus, it will appear as though it’s a 14 inch straight hair. This length appearance is the same whether you are using the hair extension or the natural hair.

Necessary Information About 16 Inches Of Hair Extensions
Then, the hair textures are various for you to pick.  The below list may help you to choose for yourself a favorite hairstyle. MACSARA has 16 inches human hair, 16 inches straight hair, 16 inches curly hair, 16 inches wavy hair in our shop. Unlike most other vendors, we only sell the healthiest hair for customers. When you get our hair extensions, you will feel the hair’s quality.

No shedding and tangling

When you are using this hair, like most of our other lengths, you won’t experience shedding, and you know why? We double weft all of our weaves. Also, whether the weave is hand-woven or machine weft we make sure we only choose the best weft ones.

Additionally, since we use only the 100% Remy human hair, the cuticles are aligned and that reduces the level of tangling you would rather experience. Remember to use the right products of the hair, though.

We offer a wide range

The brand offers you a wide range of choices. We have so many curly hair types, so many wavy hair types, and many straight hair types. In fact, even if you wanted us to supply wholesale hair, we can. You have to contact us and we will get you through.

For straight hair with 16 inch of hair, we offer some textures like kinky straight, yaki straight and natural straight.
Besides, if you don’t like a traditional straight hairdo, curly hair extensions are other options: deep curly, fumi curly, kinky curly, loose curly, romantic curly.

Wavy hair will give you a new look with body wavy hair, bouncy wavy hair, deep wavy, fumi wavy, loose wavy, natural wavy, water body wavy hair.

To ensure that your hair changes effectively, you should buy high-quality hair extensions like human hair extensions. When wearing human hair, you will change your hair color easily without damage.

Today it is so convenient to get a hair extension, especially 16 inches of hair. Therefore, making a big hair change is possible.