No Makeup, What Does Taylor Swift Look Like?

Unlike other celebrities, Taylor Swift still looks gorgeous even without makeup. Here are some of Taylor Swift no makeup pictures to show her natural beauty. Do you think these pics of Taylor Swift without makeup are a living proof that natural beauty still counts over makeup?

Taylor Swift without makeup
Taylor Swift without makeup

First of all, we should know the Taylor Swift background. She was born on December 13, 1989. She is a famous American singer, songwriter and known for narrative songs about her own experiences – about love, betrayal, and anticipation – all of which teenagers and young adults can relate to. Having sold more than 50 million albums—including 32 million in the U.S.—and 150 million singles, Taylor Swift is one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

Red lipstick, bright smile, and Blonde Hair seem to become Taylor Swift’s brand. Do you agree with me that the country singer is always spotlighting anywhere?

As we know, Taylor Swift is one of the style icons of her generation. She is genetically blessed with her model-like height, long legs, thin frame, and the gorgeous crop of thick, blonde hair.

Taylor Swift with long curly blonde hair
Taylor Swift with Long Curly Blonde Hair

I have always wondered what Taylor Swift looks like without her cosmetics such as lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, etc. The answer is based on these pictures:

When she was a child, Taylor Swift has natural beauty with blonde hair and a lovely face without makeup.

“I woke up like thissssssss (With a cat on me)” – the caption of Taylor Swift when she posted this picture on Instagram. She is so lovely with Bob Blonde Hair and pink lips. She usually has no makeup on her face but looked wonderful.

Not many celebrities would be as comfortable as she is with someone taking a picture at such a close range when there is no makeup on. In this pic, Taylor Swift looks so gentle with Long Curly Blonde Hair.

This is another moment, Taylor Swift was clicked without makeup in a red coat. In this pic, she was carrying a leather sling bag and was wearing oxfords. Besides, Natural Wavy Blonde Hair is so beautiful. She had her earplugs on and her hair was down that gave her casual and lovely look. As we can see, her face was sans makeup, yet she looked extremely charming and fabulous.

It was another evident that Taylor Swift no makeup still has marvelous beauty.

In this pic, she was carrying a guitar case in her hand, wearing very casual but classy clothes. The ‘Love Story’ singer wore a semi-striped red and white top. She had braided hair and she was carrying a sling bag.

This pic was taken by a fan when Taylor Swift is signing for fans. With braided hair, her face looked cute and angelic even without makeup.

The “Today Was a Fairytale” singer looked like a fairy coming out from a fairytale. She has a smoothie skin, high nose, a full lip, and sharp eyebrows. Long Natural Wavy Blonde Hair made her look magnificent, even without makeup.

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