Noah Cyrus Hair Evolution Through Years

Do you know much about the famous Cyrus family?  Every time you turn around, there is another new member of the Cyrus family that becomes a star. And today our eyes put on Noah Cyrus – Billy’s youngest daughter. Noah, who is 23 years old now, has been familiar with the world of the rich and famous pretty much since her early childhood and we thought we would take a look at Noah Cyrus hair evolution over the years.


1. Who is Noah Cyrus?

Noah Cyrus – a member of the famous Cyrus family

When someone mentions the name Cyrus, most of us immediately think of Miley, but it’s safe to say that the Cyrus family has more than just one star. Of course, there is Billy Ray Cyrus who has been in the music industry for decades, and most of his children have decided to follow in his footsteps. And Noah Cyrus is no exception.

Like her sister Miley, Noah Cyrus started her career as a child actor, and now, she is also an emerging pop star with a good voice and a pedestal from the famous family in the entertainment industry. Of course, it is also not bad, when the entertainment industry is always full of harshness. With Miley, we can see the rebellion in both her music and appearance. But with Noah, we still see the sexiness full of women along with her growing up more clearly than her sister.

Being famous at an early age, Noah Cyrus, as well as her maturation, has always received a lot of attention. We have witnessed her drastic transformation from a cute little girl to a sexy superstar. The change is reflected in her fashion, makeup and hair as well. For today’s post, we will discuss her hair evolution over the years.

2. Noah Cyrus Hair Evolution

Natural light brown hair

Noah Cyrus in natural light brown hair

First, we go with the adorable throwback photo of Noah and her father Billy Ray Cyrus that the young singer shared on her social media account. In the photo, Noah Cyrus natural hair color, light brown to be specific, made her look so cute while wearing an all-pink outfit. In addition, the little bow on her light brown ponytail did win everyone’s heart!

How adorable is the photo of 10-year-old Noah Cyrus back in 2010 at the premiere of Miley’s movie Last Song? Back then, Noah was clearly going through her girly phase as she opted for a fluffy pink dress – something we doubt she’d choose to wear nowadays! And the little famous girl was ready for the red carpet with her natural brown wavy tresses flowing in the wind.

Long dark brown hair with bangs

It’s just a year later when Noah Cyrus rocked a new hairdo with blunt bangs. Also, we can see she changed her hair color into a darker brown color. Slowly but surely the 11-year-old became more famous and was invited to plenty more red carpet events. Just like her sister Miley, Noah also loves switching up her look! She confidently laughed out even when still wearing braces on her teeth. Such a lovely girl!

Step out with blonde hair

And here is 13-year-old Noah walking around New York City with her mother Tish. To welcome her teenage years, Noah Cyrus hair color was switched up. For a day out, Noah let her hair down under a black hat and the light blonde color did work miracles. We can see how this Noah Cyrus blonde hair helped exude her cool and beauty here.

Black undercut

Noah Cyrus in undercut hairstyle

It seems as if at this point Noah couldn’t decide whether she preferred her hair dark or light – so she kept switching between these two colors. In 2013, she surprised everyone when she showed up to a red carpet with a bold undercut on her right side – something that not everyone can pull off! And it is unarguable that Noah looked really amazing and wonderful with this special hairstyle.

And the little Cyrus even went a step further in her makeover when she decided to put the final touch on her new hairdo and shaved a pink diamond into it. Who could have imagined that this adorable girl would opt for such an edgy hairstyle so soon, right? Do you think this Noah’s hairdo is Trendy or Trashy? Tell us in the comments below!

Long blonde straight hair

In 2014, Noah Cyrus once again decided to switch up her hairstyle and you can see her at the American Music Awards red carpet with super long straight blonde hair. Honestly, we love almost every look the young star rocked over the years and Noah Cyrus long hair this time is definitely no exception!

Black high ponytail

Noah Cyrus with black high ponytail

Ponytails are easy and timeless and work for casual or formal occasions! Noah Cyrus just goes to prove that point. Noah Cyrus, 17, looked cute, resonating a girl power message at the 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards with an all-pink outfit. She paired these looks with an effortless high ponytail. Truthful to say, it was a fun and flirty look!

Topknot buns

Noah went for the incredible value and donned a long white shirt with no pants, which felt very “Risky Business”. She polished off her attire with a pair of black knee-high boots and a set of topknot buns on her head. She let some strands free-flowing, giving the face-framing touch. It was definitely an appropriate outfit for a 15-year-old, but perhaps she was “just being Noah”.

Dark brown Hollywood waves

Noah Cyrus with dark brown Hollywood waves in PETA 35th anniversary party

Photographed at last night’s PETA 35th anniversary party with her mom, 15-year-old Noah was suddenly looking very grown-up and sophisticated, thanks to flowing dark-brunette waves pinned back old-Hollywood style with some rhinestone clips. Yes, Noah looked so fabulous with this hairstyle and we’d like to cast our votes for her sticking to this current hair color for a while. Dramatic yet age-appropriate and so flattering.

Black short hair

Noah in black short hair

Noah did make a remarkable statement when she first wore short hair. She embraced the boldness and made an amazing transformation that showcased her fearless attitude and individuality. Noah Cyrus short hair helped exude her confidence and a sense of liberation, proving that beauty knows no bounds.

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