Ombre Hair In Different Shades

The Ombre hair has taken the hair color world by storm, showing no signs of losing popularity. From professional models to the girl next door, everyone’s getting crazy about this awesome hair coloring trend. The style has been promoted by many celebrities, such as Alexa ChungLauren ConradNicole Kidman, and Beyoncé. So why don’t you try one? Here we have some suggestions of Ombre hair color ideas for you.

What is Ombre Hair?

Ombre is the blending of one color hue to another. It has become a popular feature for hair coloring, nail art, and even baking, in addition to its uses in home decorating and graphic design.

In the hair color world, Ombre is a dramatic, two-toned hair color with a sun-kissed effect that is typically darker at the top and lighter on the bottom. Often the dark, top section of the hair is kept in its natural color shade and the bottom one is dyed with a lighter color.

An Ombre hairstyle can be a combination of any color—natural blonde, brown or red, or something unconventional like pink, blue, green, or purple. It’s versatile, customizable, and works well on long and medium hair lengths.

Especially, the overall look of Ombre color can change as your hair grows out, which many clients enjoy! It sounds interesting, right? So let’s explore some gorgeous version of Ombre hair right now!

Ombre hair color ideas

The choices of Ombrehair color is various, depending much on the natural color of your hair and partially on its length but are not limited by them. You can rock a reverse Ombre or try unexpected short Ombre hair versions for a more original sharper look. And feminine long tresses, of course, perfectly flaunt the concept of Ombre at fullest lock. Long Blonde Ombre hair is stunning in soft sombre looks. Tender attractive hues of caramel and chocolate match perfectly into Brown Ombre hair solutions. With Black Ombre hair you may try some gorgeous dramatic looks. And, certainly, Redheads shouldn’t miss a chance to rock this season passionate and eye-popping Red Ombre hairstyles.

1. Blonde Ombre hair

Blonde ombre hair is one of the most influential recent color trends. Stylists state unanimously that it is an awesome way to take your natural blonde color to the next level with one of these popular blonde ombre hair colors. And we have the same view, so we present you with a collection of ombre hairstyles in blonde shades. Take the one you love and get it in your next time you come to a hair salon. 

Get inspiration from Khloe Kardashian’s Ombre hair. The ash-blonde roots paired perfectly with sun-kissed golden ends. And we seem to forget she’s a natural-born brunette. 

Even short-haired beauties can look good with the light-to-dark trend as evidenced by Ciara’s ombré bob. 

Lighter on the ends. Lighter around the face. Blake Lively is an excellent example of blonde ombré done right.

When you get the color just right, a blonde dye job can act as a highlighter and bring out the natural glow in your skin tone.

 2. Brown Ombre hair

Brown ombre hair is so popular nowadays. It is because all-natural-things never get out of fashion. No matter what color you rock; these brown ombre hair ideas will win your heart with the most natural color. See how different brown can be! 

Classy brown ombre will appear to be an ideal option if the look that you are seeking for is as natural as it can get. 

This is a perfect representation of transitioning of ombre hair from brown to blonde. Brown Ombre hair combining with blonde ends has become excessively popular for its appealing, innovative, and chic style.  

There are many rich brown shades to give a try to, yet we think that honey brown is so splendid that it deserves a special place on our list. 

Chocolate brown is a traditional color unless you add some highlights to modernize it. If you want to add that sassy vibe to your trendy hair, we suggest you combine classy chocolate brown hair with sexy blonde highlights.

3. Black Ombre Hair

Don’t you think it’s time to elevate your dark strands and make a head-turning impression? If so, Black Ombre hair is definitely a hair color that’s highly sought after for its high contrasting looks! 

Copper tones are a great way to lighten dark Ombre hair. Blended perfectly with deeper shades of brown and black, copper tones can add dramatic shine to your mane. 

Long hair itself can make enough drama, so keep things subtle by going from black to brown with gentle color changes. A few natural shades can do the magic to make your hair look great and keeping it healthy. 

Going full gray is a big commitment. Lessen the impact while creating a statement style with black hair that has shades of gray at the ends.

 4. Red Ombre hair

Summer’s the time to go for more daring colors, so here’s a selection of the hottest red ombre hairstyles to get you in the mood! 

Red roots are a hugely popular hair color trend and this medium, a straight haircut is a perfect style for smoothly graduated hair color ideas. The top section is a rich light red-brown that moves seamlessly through copper to copper-blonde at the ends.

The enchanting color melting in this hairstyle has us thinking of all sorts of candy. The first part of the ombre beautifully blends raspberry and purple, while the rest turns into a light peach tone from the shoulders down. 

If you’re not into dramatic hair colors, you can mix a few relatively neutral tones. For example, you can color the base of your ombre dark red. Blend into a brick orange-red and finish off the look with a warm honey blonde. 

Regardless if you call it burgundywine red, or another name, you have to admit that this color is downright beautiful. When paired with dark brown or black for a subtle ombre, it steals the spotlight in the most charming way possible.

5. Other shades of Ombre hair

Blue ombre, with its indirect references to fantasy creatures like mermaids and fairies, is all the rage with the younger set these days. 

Purple ombre hair is a rising trend that has already outshined all the popular combinations. 

Pink ombre is a hot topic among the fashion industry, especially among the younger crowds.

Hair trend comes and goes along with the flow of time. However, Ombre hair is always here to stay. It’ has become a staple in the hair world, and it’s clear why. Not only is ombre an easy look to pull off, but the color possibilities are endless. Get inspired with these ombre looks above and take it for yourself!