Macsara always believes that the ultimate goal of a sustainable business is not to make higher profits but to make this world a better place. During our development history, with nearly 2 million finest pieces of hair extensions delivered per year, we have not only helped people all over the world upgrade their look, but also contributed to the development of local communities in Vietnam. 

Our raw 100% human hair is ETHICALLY SOURCED from women with fairly-paid amounts of money. This compensation helps them feed their families and allow their children and sometimes themselves to have better education for brighter futures.

Furthermore, we have been participating in actions against child labour and also providing FREE English classes and scholarships for local children to help them have better opportunities and better lives. 


Every year, we also devote our resources to supporting the poor as well as the victims of natural disasters in Vietnam.

Our business development will always go hand in hand with our social responsibility commitment. By simply buying a product from us, you can contribute to our give-back-to-community actions. Together with us, let’s make a huge social impact!

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