Born in a rural area in Vietnam, our founder – Mr. Dai Nguyen saw that there were hair collectors going around villages to buy hair from women who needed money to cover their living expenses. He found out that they were underpaid, given their long, silky, unprocessed hair was a treasure to hair vendors. The human hair industry is super-profitable, so those who sell their precious hair deserve more income. With this thought in mind, Mr. Dai dreamt of starting his own hair business. His ambition was to bring the unparalleled beauty of Vietnamese hair to the world. He also committed to paying women a fair amount of money that is worth their sacrifice, thus helping to raise their living standards. 

Mr. Dai Nguyen’s dream became a reality when he founded his own hair business, which he named Macsara. His mission was not only to provide high-quality Vietnamese hair extensions to customers worldwide, but also to create a positive impact in the lives of the women who sold their hair to the industry. 

Macsara quickly gained a reputation for being a socially responsible brand that offered exceptional quality hair extensions. The hair was sourced directly from Vietnamese women, without any middlemen involved, ensuring that the hair was unprocessed, virgin, and of the highest quality. The company has also become an important part of the Vietnamese economy with a vision and commitment to fair pay and ethical practices driving its success. The brand has become a symbol of hope and empowerment for the women whose hair is at the heart of the business, while also providing customers with the highest quality hair extensions available.