Perfect Janelle Monae Hairstyles For Words

Everyone has a serious case of hair envy and wardrobe. Sometimes you just come across ladies that bring that double trouble: amazing fashion sense and gorgeous hair. On this blog, we will kick off an inspirational woman that is considered as a true style icon: Janelle Monae.

Janelle Monae is a hair-icon for the natural community. The songstress hit the music industry by storm with a special voice and dancing ability as James Brown. More impressively, her hair terms are an indispensable part contributing to her success and we’ve respected her more because of it. Best known for adorning the pompadour look into many refreshing styles, she still amazes fans when she adds lengths to her already long tresses or lets her curls loose. Want to check them all? Keep reading. We display them right below!

Fabulous Updo with traffic-stopping hair accessories

Updos are a great way to spice up a simple look or to bring that extra drama. Janelle Monáe is known to do just that! With her signature pompadour hairstyles and flawless makeup, she knows how to be her own kind of beautiful. The singer and actress is no stranger to bold beauty looks and bright colors, but she also the kind of person one that loves to craft and doesn’t care who knows it.

Oh, we never thought we’d love silver pins stuck artfully through an updo, but there is a first time for everything—right? This style proves that even the most mundane objects, like the ones rolling around in the bottom of a hairdresser’s kit, can become beautiful when used in an unexpected way.

Also, Janelle Monáe attracted all eyes during her NBC appearances on Today (posing with Drew and Jonathan from the Property Brothers) and the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and then again at AOL’s Build Live Chat, in googly eye-coated space buns, complete with gorgeous natural finger waves. Everything but boring is what we can see from her updo hairstyle.

Funky Wonda Braid

Monáe has taken a slight departure from her signature, chic pompadour, enthralling all with her numerous hairstyles, showing the versatility of natural hair. Most notably, her funky fresh braided updo she’s been rocking dubbed the “Wonda Braid” has been making headlines and catching the eye of many as the braid trend becomes more prominent during the warmer months of the year.

Texture Braid Crown

When it comes to fearless fashion, Janelle Monae doesn’t disappoint. It is revealed that her quirky hair accessories, which included gold wire, safety pins, and googly eyes, are a part of hidden messages she is sending through her hair. Here we see Monae rocks a textured braid, featuring with sliver string embellishments, dangling emerald green earrings, and a matching gemstone choker. Do you spot what hidden messages Janelle has been sending us through this hair look? Let us know in the comment box.

Gradient with a Gold Hoop

Prepare to be obsessed with this look Janelle Monáe wore for a Today set at Rockefeller Plaza: a thick braid with a black to silvery white ombré. Her hairstylist finished off the look with a golden ring that cleanly seals the tapered end.

Short Curly Black Bob Haircut

Janelle Monae looks gorgeous here in a short curly hairstyle that brings up with an old style Hollywood feel. This cut is ideal for ladies like Janelle who want to embrace their natural texture rather than against it. She has an oblong face and large eyes which are nicely flaunted by this hairdo. She also has a high, broad forehead that is camouflaged well by the layers of hair around her forehead.

Long braid with rings

Double braided Pigtails

Special Pixie with Highlights

She even made a statement with her hairstyle, wearing a subtle clip adorned with white rose shapes to accentuate the new blonde streaks in her hair. And those clip was the best accessory of the night.

AND we should be thanking Janelle and her hair stylist for creating such a fun, kitschy style that everyone clearly cannot get enough of. Follow MACSARA Hair for a more interesting blog about trendy hairstyles, hair care as well as hair extensions.