Perfect Tips For Hair In The Final Days Of The Year

The gorgeous and healthy hairstyles are dreams of many girls, especially when the new year is coming. Let’s read this MACSARA winter hair care methods to show off your beautiful hair confidently.

Some Foods You Should Eat


Soy is considered “boneless meat” in Asian countries because 100g of soybeans has up to 34g of protein – a kind of “nutritious and necessary food” for hair growth – and lots of good fats that is indispensable during the development process of hair.


80% of hair fibers are made up of keratin and chicken contains many stimulants to produce this substance. If the body lacks protein in just 2-3 months, it will cause hair loss. Therefore, regularly eating chicken helps provide enough protein for the body, limiting hair loss and helping hair grow faster.


Biotin is also considered an effective hair loss prevention agent. Chicken eggs, duck eggs and other poultry eggs that contain leucine along with amino acids, minerals like sulfur, iron, and zinc and are also essential for healthy hair growth.


30g of almonds (about 15-20 seeds) is enough to meet 70% of vitamin E for your hair as well as your body each day. In addition, almonds that contain useful substances like biotin, fatty acids, and B vitamins are all good for hair growth.

Besides, cashews, peanuts… are also very good nuts for hair because they contain an abundance of iron. In particular, almonds are rich in nutrients giving you strong, sleek hair.

Vitamin C

Fresh fruits such as blueberries, lemons, strawberries, sapodilla, and oranges are high in vitamin C. Your hair cannot be deficient in vitamin C because it plays an important role in blood circulation in small vessels that feed your hair follicles. With enough vitamin C in your diet, your hair will be in good health.


Avocados are a great source of natural fatty acids, they contain the fats that are good for your body and hair needs. You can always use them to make a hair mask if you don’t like eating them.

Types of sprouts

They are a great food to stop hair breakage and hair loss completely. Regularly adding bean sprouts will help your hair shiny and soft because they are rich in protein and nutrients. Ideally, you should add this “panacea” on your morning menu to soon get gorgeous hair as you want.


Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that is a substance contributing to making the hair stronger, shiny and promoting hair growth. It will shorten the resting time of hair follicles so your hair will be longer. In addition, salmon has vitamin B12 and iron which also help your hair grow faster.


Zinc deficiency in your diet can result in hair loss and what you need to change is improving zinc and protein that is in oysters. If you don’t like the taste of this animal, you can also get zinc from cereal for breakfast, for example, or from bread.

However, it is also difficult to enjoy this dish every day. Therefore, you can still combine alternately with other zinc-rich foods like wheat, beef (especially liver) and pork…

Some Things You Should Avoid

This will make the hair dirtier, and the oil secreted will also spread widely on your hair. Instead, put the hair on the same side, if the hair is too long, it can be tied but pay attention not to tie too tight.

When tightening the hair, the strands are pulled tight, stimulating oil production on the scalp. Instead, you just need to tie loose to get a pretty hairdo without harming the scalp anymore.

Dirty hairbrushes are also a leading cause of oily hair, no matter how often you wash your hair. Moreover, this can also lead to scalp issues, fungal hair loss… Ideally, please clean the brush regularly.

This also increases the amount of oil secreted on the scalp. You should only wash your hair with cool water (40.5 degrees C), and on colder days, just use warm water is enough.

Foods high in fat, sugar, and canned foods making the sebaceous gland more active. Instead, you should eat plenty of vegetables, lean meat, and nuts.

We wish you have a happy new year with alluring hairstyles through applying this post. However, if you want to own a perfect hairdo immediately, visit MACSARA and refer to some high-quality hair extensions like 14-inch clip in hair.