Platinum Blonde vs Ash Blonde: Which Shade Suits You Best?

Blonde hair is extremely popular between young girls. And when it comes to this bright hair color, two popular choices are platinum blonde and ash blonde. Both shades look stunning, and deciding between them can be a tough choice. So, platinum blonde vs ash blonde? Which one suit your look? It’s better to put everything into consideration before you make the decision.

Platinum Blonde vs. Ash Blonde: Which Shade Suits You Best?

Ash blonde vs platinum blonde? What are they?

Before getting to know their differences, let’s discover what is platinum blonde and what is ash blonde.

Platinum Blonde: This shade is incredibly light and often borders on a white or silvery hue. Platinum blonde is the lightest shade of blonde available. It’s known for the high level of lightness and reflects a cool undertone.

Ash Blonde: Ash blonde, on the other hand, features a more muted, cool-toned blonde with hints of gray or ash-like undertones. It’s a softer, subtler shade compared to platinum blonde.

Ash blonde vs platinum in look  
Ash blonde vs platinum in look

Undertone matters

Both platinum and ash blonde come with cool undertones, but the specific undertones can vary.

Platinum Blonde: The undertone for platinum blonde is cooler, bordering on icy. It’s perfect for those who want a bold and striking look.

Ash Blonde: Ash blonde, as the name suggests, has ash undertones. These undertones can neutralize warmth. That’s why it’s a great choice for those who want a more natural appearance.

Take your skin tone into account

The right shade of blonde can enhance your natural beauty, so it’s crucial to consider your skin tone when choosing between platinum blonde vs ash blonde.

Platinum Blonde: This shade can be quite intense and may not suit everyone. It tends to complement cooler skin tones and make them pop. If you have fair skin with cool undertones, platinum blonde can be an excellent choice.

Ash Blonde: Ash blonde is more versatile when it comes to skin tones. It can work well with both warm and cool complexions. If you have a warm skin tone and wish to go blonde, ash blonde might be your best bet.

Your skin tone determines which blonde shade suits you
Your skin tone determines which blonde shade suits you

Maintenance and upkeep

Changing your hair color is not a one-time matter. Both platinum ash blonde hair require maintenance, but the level of care are different.

Platinum Blonde: Achieving and maintaining platinum blonde can be a time-consuming process. Frequent touch-ups may be needed to maintain the color’s vibrancy. Additionally, the use of purple shampoos is essential to neutralize any unwanted yellow tones.\

Ash Blonde: Ash blonde tends to be more forgiving when it comes to maintenance. While touch-ups are still necessary, they may not be as frequent. The ash undertones help prevent the rapid appearance of brassy tones.

Bleaching and potential of hair damage 

Lightening your hair to achieve these blonde shades involves bleaching, which can cause damage to your hair. So, which one between platinum blonde vs ash blonde has more risk of damage?

Platinum Blonde: Achieving platinum blonde often requires a higher level of bleaching, which can be harsh on your hair. Hence, we suggest you use high-quality hair products and consider deep conditioning treatments to keep your hair healthy.

Ash Blonde: Ash blonde may require less bleaching, depending on your starting hair color. This can be gentler on your hair. Yet, still, the bleaching process can damage your hair to some extent, so you need to take good care of your hair once you have bleached it.

Your hair may be damaged after the bleaching process if you don’t care for it seriously
Your hair may be damaged after the bleaching process if you don’t care for it seriously

Styling and makeup

Your hair color can significantly influence your overall look. Let’s explore how platinum and ash blonde can affect your style and makeup choices.

Platinum Blonde: Platinum blonde makes a bold statement and can pair beautifully with edgier styles. It can also make your eyes pop and you can try various makeup looks to complement your striking hair color.

Ash Blonde: Ash blonde, with its subtler tones, can create a more laid-back and natural look. It’s versatile and can complement a wide range of styles and makeup choices.

Your outfit choices

Your choice of hair color can impact your fashion and wardrobe choices. If you go for platinum blonde, you can pair it with a wide range of clothing styles. Vibrant colors can pop against this hair color, so you will have more choices when it comes to outfits for platinum hair.

And what about ash blonde?

Ash blonde complements a softer and more natural look. It pairs well with pastels and earthy tones to create a harmonious and understated style.

Platinum hair color pairs well with vibrant outfits
Platinum hair color pairs well with vibrant outfits

Weather considerations

Believe it or not, your local climate can influence your choice of platinum blonde vs ash blonde.

As for platinum blonde, it can shine and reflect light beautifully in sunnier and warmer climates. However, the strong sun can also lead to faster fading, so you’ll need to pay extra attention to your hair care routine.

Whereas, ash blonde can be a great choice for all climates. Its cool undertones help maintain the shade’s freshness in various weather conditions.

Celebrities and iconic looks

If you need some inspiration, take a look at the celebrities who have rocked platinum and ash blonde hair.

Platinum Blonde: Celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Lady Gaga have made platinum blonde iconic. This shade exudes confidence and charisma.

Ash Blonde: Stars like Taylor Swift and Charlize Theron have sported beautiful ash blonde locks, proving that this shade can be both elegant and understated.

Celebs with platinum blonde and ash blonde hair color 
Celebs with platinum blonde and ash blonde hair color

The choice is yours

Ultimately, the decision between ash vs platinum blonde depends on your personal preferences, skin tone, maintenance commitment and desired look. Both shades have their unique charm and can enhance your overall look. Whether you opt for the striking allure of platinum blonde or the subtle elegance of ash blonde, your new hair color will undoubtedly make a statement.

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Where to buy platinum blonde and ash blonde hair extensions?

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Ash blonde hair extensions and Platinum blonde hair extensions from Macsarahair
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So now you can make your own decision between platinum blonde vs ash blonde. We hope that you can always shine brightly with your hair. Happy blonding <3