Pretty Short Hair Anime Girls Making Significant Surprise

Hairstyles always play an important role to impress the Anime or Manga characters. Today, let’s take a look at these short-haired female characters, you will surely be ecstatic and find these hair extensions soon! 

  1. Kuriyama Mirai (Kyoukai no Kanata)

macsara Kuriyama Mirai large - Pretty Short Hair Anime Girls Making Significant Surprise

Of course, if you talk about short-haired women you have to list this familiar face. A person with the ability to control blood, a special and rare ability that she inherited from her family. But the side effect of this power is to make severe anemia. Because it is so strong and so rare that sometimes this small person has isolated feelings from society.

Mirai is a very cute and beautiful young girl with wavy, peachy short hair with thin eyebrows and golden eyes combining amber and brown. Mirai has a habit of venting her frustrations by posting them on blogs and Twitter. She also often uses the phrase “fuyukai desu!” (Annoying / Disgusting) especially when talking to Akihito.

  1. Mikasa Ackerman (Attack On Titan)

macsara Mikasa Ackerman large - Pretty Short Hair Anime Girls Making Significant Surprise

Being a quiet and innocent person, Mikasa is quite patient and calm. She graduated from the training course with excellent results and was considered a gifted and talented student. She is capable of launching a battle but she is very faithful. She has a habit that when she thinks or remembers certain memories she often takes a shawl over her mouth.

She is half-Asian and follows the Asians “look” often have in anime: shaggy black hair, black eyes, and exceptionally pale white skin. At the beginning of the series, Mikasa wore her well long hair through her shoulders. Eren suggested it might be a hindrance during training so she cut it after.

3.     Kirishima Touka (Tokyo Ghoul) 

As a carnivorous demon living in District 20, working as a part-time servant at Anteiku coffee shop and in high school. Touka is a rather harsh, uncomfortable person, but sometimes a few gestures called cute actions and also very kind and helpful, seriously consider her work, always caring about the people in Anteiku. Touka is a slender and attractive teenage girl with bob-length black hair (purple in the anime) that has long bangs that reach her chin covering the right side of her face and blue eyes.

macsara touka in anteiku large - Pretty Short Hair Anime Girls Making Significant Surprise

4.     Tobiichi Origami (Date A Live) 

Being the top student of Raizen school both academically and sports. In terms of personality, Tobiichi is not a shy type but like a person who does not fit in with the current society. The reason is her past she was very fierce and strong to overcome the pain in the past. Origami usually doesn’t talk to anyone in the school except Shidou. The way to talk is like a robot that is not emotional with lovely gestures.

macsara Tobiichi Origami large - Pretty Short Hair Anime Girls Making Significant Surprise

Origami has the look of a young, attractive female with blue eyes, and short, silvery-white hair arranged in a bob cut with three hair-clips in the right part of her hair. After becoming a Spirit, the color of her eyes turned from blue to light blue and white. In the new timeline, Origami is initially shown with much longer hair reaching down to her waist before cutting it back down to its usual length after having her Spirit powers sealed.

5.     Yuigahama Yui (Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru)

macsara Yuigahama Yui large - Pretty Short Hair Anime Girls Making Significant Surprise

As an active person, Yuigahama is a girl who is happy and open even when sad feeling or upset. She always has a smile on her face and finds fun to bring joy, laughter for Love Club Pray. The club is not disbanded because of Yui.  Yui has little hair change. In the first introduction, she is described to have loose, shoulder-length, chestnut-brown hair that would sway when she walked. She also wears her skirt short, the top three buttons of her shirt undone, a heart charm on a gleaming necklace, and bleached tawny-brown hair. Her hair has a loose side bun. In the anime, she has fair skin, light orange hair that is almost always seen with the loose side bun and peach-reddish eyes.

6.     Rem (Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu)

 As a gentle girl but no less powerful, especially when her beloved person is in danger. Rem will sacrifice herself to protect that person.

macsara Rem large - Pretty Short Hair Anime Girls Making Significant Surprise

Rem owns medium length sky blue hair that covers her right eye. She has large light blue eyes and young features. She has hair clips towards the left side of her hair, flower-shaped ribbon on the same side of her hair, and a maid hairband. She is the same as her sister apart from her hair, eyes, and ribbon coloring.

7.     Koiwai Yoshino (Masamune-kun Revenge)

macsara Koiwai Yoshino large - Pretty Short Hair Anime Girls Making Significant Surprise

On the outside, it seems post-natured, naive, slow, but later it shows his aggression, making Makabe cry. Whenever she met Makabe separately, a completely different face of this girl was revealed, no longer clumsy, slow but instead of agility, her sharp mind always thought out such plans. Makabe had to call on a master. Yoshino is a good person who doesn’t have anything bad side. Yoshino’s hairstyle is short, light brown hair with a small braid to the side and two cream-colored adornments clipped on opposing sides in her hair, whilst her eyes are also brown.

  1. Takanashi Rikka (Chuunibyou !! Demo Koi ga Shitai!)

macsara Takanashi Rikka large - Pretty Short Hair Anime Girls Making Significant Surprise

A person who suffers from the Paranoid syndrome that thinks she has the Devilish Truth Stare. Rikka always wears an eyepatch and a bandage on his left hand, even though she has nothing to do with it. She always wore black gothic dresses and high socks. Rikka is also quite clumsy, often stumbling and forgetting everything. Her hair is dark blue-purple and is tied with a yellow ribbon that is a simple cute hairstyle.

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