Prevent Curly Hair From Drying Out In The Winter

You have styled a gorgeous curly hairdo, however, your curly hair is often dry, loose and you still don’t know how to take care of them properly. Stop this situation immediately by applying the perfect MACSARA curly hair winter care procedure!

1. Clean curly hair properly

Unlike straight hair, curly hair needs to be careful at cleaning the hair to keep it in great shape. The cleaning process for curly hair should include the following precautions:

– Shampoo choosing: Choose a shampoo specifically for curly hair that helps keep hair floating. In the case of curly hair due to the use of chemicals and heat tools to curl your hair, you should use a rich nutritious shampoo and keratin supplement to restore the hair cuticle.

– Hair washing: For curly hair, you should not tangle up and down while washing because your hair will lose its shape quickly. Massage your hair gently downwards to avoid messy hair.

– Use conditioner: The chemical hair curling process can make your hair dry so using conditioner is necessary. However, not to leave the conditioner on the roots of your hair – this will make your hair oily and produce dandruff. Apply conditioner from 2 to 5 cm from the hair roots and scalp will be a reasonable distance to help hair smooth without causing hair problems.

– Dry hair: Normally, we often roll the hair into a towel and squeeze it to make it dry quickly but this is a way of exerting too much force on the hair that is easy to damage the hair. In fact, in the cold weather or if you want your hair to dry immediately and need the help of a hairdryer, try to use a hairdryer on medium heat and about 15 cm from your hair. Avoid using the high temperatures that can dry and damage hair.

– Hair combing: For curly hair, use a wide-tooth comb to easily remove hair tangles without causing hair loss, or if you feel that the hair is not too tangled, simply use your fingers to separate hair strands and curl them. Especially, you should note that only brushing curly hair when it is dry, combing hair when wet will be difficult to untangle and cause hair breakage.

2. Caring tips for curly hair

To keep curly hair healthy, shiny, you need a hair care routine every week. You can go to the hair salon to review the hair condition then set a specific care schedule, or take care of your hair at home every day based on the following methods:

– Use essential oils, conditioners for curly hair after shampooing and hair is about 80% dry. When using these hair care products, you should not pour or apply directly to the hair and scalp because this will make the oil removed unevenly, causing greasy hair. The best way is to take a few drops of oil into the palm, rub both hands until warm and gently apply into the hair. The heat and a moderate amount of oil from the palm of your hand will help hair absorb nutrients quickly.

– Before sleeping, you should create a habit of gentle scalp massage with the tip of your finger. This will not only help you sleep deeply but it will also stimulate blood circulation under the scalp, helping all hair types, including curly hair, to grow healthily.

– The shiny, floating hair needs regular hair care, especially for curly hair that has undergone hair curling with chemicals. If you do not go to the hair salon, you can self-care your hair at home by nourishing and masking your hair with natural ingredients such as coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, avocado, apple cider vinegar, honey … And add to the menu of foods that help strengthen hair such as eggs, bananas, milk, vegetables, beans… Besides, you should also maintain a reasonable living regime, avoid staying up late, stress because mental and physical health is also the factors affecting the hair.

3. Curly hair protective methods

To keep your hair in a lock of curls, in addition to knowing how to care for and clean your hair, you need to pay attention to protect your hair from the sun because the sun also quickly dulls and damages hair.

If you already own curly hair, you should also refrain from using extra heat tools to style your hair. In case you cannot give up these tools, you should hair care spray after each use.

For girls who wear curly hair extensions, they also apply these tips to take care of their hair. With 14 inch weave hair, you will not worry about how to prevent your curly hair from drying out this winter.

Curly hair helps your face become fuller, overcome many physical imperfections but if not taken care of, curly hair is easily loose. Applying the curly hair care process above will help you always have healthy, alluring hair. Be persistent to get the results you want!