Prevent Hair Loss From Small Bad Habits

Do not underestimate the following habits because this is the “culprit” that makes hair fall.

As a woman, no one wants to see the hair shed every day because of falling too much. Hair loss not only makes the appearance look poor but also a warning sign of the aging approach. Don’t wait until your hair falls out of control before you think about how to fix it. Right now, review your daily habits to immediately eliminate the causes of hair loss.

Have a wrong diet

The excessive nutritional cuts are the causes of hair loss that few people think of.

It may sound irrelevant, but a woman’s dietary habits may be the reason for hair loss. In the process of weight loss, many people often cut down on many types of food, some even eliminate it completely, just drink detox water or eat fruit. This habit causes severe nutritional deficiencies, which not only harms the health but also affects the hair. Some vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin E, iron and zinc, if not fully supplemented, will cause hair to dry, brittle and break easily. So, to keep your body healthy and protect the “silky hair”, choose a weight loss method that suits you.

Hair and sunlight

The harmful effects of sunlight on the skin are the eternal story that any girl knows. Not only that, but sunshine also harms hair even more than you think! Letting the hair shine on your hair makes it easier for your hair to shine, become dry, and break more easily than ever. Don’t think that just applying sunscreen on your face and body is enough, your hair needs to be protected too. Every time you go out, you should pay attention to shielding your hair in ways such as wearing hats, umbrellas…

Putting the hair under the sunlight directly makes it easier for your hair to become dry, suntanned and break more easily than ever.

Washing hair

You’ve probably never thought that being lazy to wash your hair is one of the main reasons your hair falls out. Why is that? According to dermatologists, after 3 days of not washing, the scalp accumulates dirt and sebum that clogs hair follicles. This results in the itching scalp, which causes you to scratch your head so that your hair falls faster. Moreover, the habit of washing hair also makes hair smell bad and sweaty, especially in the hot summer seasons. You don’t need to wash your hair every day but plan to wash your hair 3-4 times a week to keep your scalp clean.


Don’t let pressure and stress affect your health and your hair.

In addition to eating habits and daily activities, the nervous stress factors also make the hair fall apart. When you are under pressure or stress, most people feel sad that it is difficult to eat well and sleep well. To relieve this situation, you should maintain a habit of training some exercises to release negative energy every day. This is good for the spirit and helps the health, it is really one stone kills two birds right?

Abuse the birth control pills

Although oral contraceptives have been shown to reduce pain during menstruation, help stabilize mood or improve skin but are not good for hair. Not all but some birth control pills can cause hormonal imbalance, causing hair loss. The discontinuation of the drug does not guarantee that the hair may stop falling. Therefore, you should add many nutrients and vitamins that improve your hair health under the guidance of the doctor.

Be careful with birth control pills because they are one of the causes of hair loss.

Brush the wet hair

This is a very harmful habit recommended by dermatologists to stay away. When hair is wet, it becomes more fragile and easier to fall off than usual, the brushing of the hair at this time is very adverse. Brushing your hair right after washing is the cause of hair loss that many women suffer because they don’t want to see their hair messy. However, once you know the bad effects of this habit, you should avoid it immediately. Better yet, use a cool hair dryer or wipe your hair with a soft towel. Wait until the hair is nearly dry and start combing your hair neatly.

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