Proper Hair-Care In Winter

Applying proper hair care for your hair in order to avoid hair breakage, split or dry in winter. Today Macsarahair will give you some advice for taking your hair in the upcoming winter. Our company mainly provides 18-inch weave hair extension products which are well manufactured with the care system. 18-inch weave hair extensions are made from human hair so we can ensure the quality. Even you have short hair or long hair, if you want to change your hair length or volume, let’s come with us.


Winter can cause damage to the hair by dry weather, low temperatures increasing the bad effect on the hair. Many people suffer from seasonal hair loss, especially in the winter again. To help people overcome this condition, today we will have compiled simple methods for you to care for your hair in the winter properly, thereby minimizing breakage and hair loss in the season east.

Simple winter hair care tips for you

1. Use a wood comb to spread the hair in winter

Static electricity is a frequent occurrence in the winter, due to the moisture of the hair is too low. Hence, you should use a wooden comb to comb hair instead of using a plastic comb. When combing your hair, you ought to be sure to spray a little more of your hair conditioner or water.

2. Limit the use of hairdryers in winter

With high technology, you can buy a dryer with an ionizing function. When drying, you should keep the machine at least 5 cm away from the hair, and allow the heat to be minimal, as your hair can easily break and split when it is hot and dry.

3. Massage your hair frequently but limit shampoo

There are some essential oils for you to nourish and massage the hair such as Olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, or sesame oil. The nutrients in the oil will help maintain moisture and provide essential nutrients and minerals to the hair. You can use hair lotion to massage scalp often, but you need to limit shampoo, washing twice a week is enough and when shampooing, you should not use too hot water because our hair does not like the high temperature at all.

 Some notes for you when doing hair care in winter:

  • Do not wear wool hats too tight.
  • Do not leave your hair wet when it is cold.
  • Use shampoos suitably with your hair, you can try using 3 to 4 different shampoos to choose the best shampoo for your hair in the cold winter.
  • Provide regular moisture to hair with essential oils, drink plenty of water every day, at least 2.5 – 3 liters per day.
  • Regularly trim the split end of the hair, 4-6 weeks is a good idea.

Haircare in the winter is very necessary and must be done regularly because this is the season that most causes hair damage. Hopefully, with the simple tips above, we will help you always have beautiful hair without hair problems anymore.