Rachel Platten’s Best Hairstyles Of All Time

macsara Rachel Platten large - Rachel Platten’s Best Hairstyles Of All Time

You’re forgiven if you find the name Rachel Platten unfamiliar. But we definitely make sure you have ever heard her voice. Not only has this lady got an incredible singing voice and mad piano skills, but she is also an iconic beauty. When you google Rachel Platen, one of the first things that come up is “Rachel Platten hair“. She has perfectly tousled beach waves that turn her into beautiful mermaids with different hairstyles. Let’s explore Rachel Platten’s best hairstyles of all time.

First, who is Rachel Platten? Rachel Ashley Platten (born May 20, 1981) is a famous American singer and songwriter. She suddenly became famous in 2015 with the release of the single “Fight Song“, which peaked at number six on the US Billboard Hot 100, topped the UK Singles Chart and reached the top 10 of multiple charts worldwide. Platten won an Emmy Award for the live performance of the song on Good Morning America.

1. Long Loose Curly Hair

macsara Loose curly large - Rachel Platten’s Best Hairstyles Of All Time

Rachel Platten never goes wrong with any hairstyle and this long loose curly hair just goes to prove that point. The extravagant loose curly texture gives volume to her hair, creating a feminine touch. With no doubt, Rachel looks really amazing and seductive in this lock. And the beautiful smile seems to have the ability to warm up the opposite.

2. Long Wavy Golden Blonde Hairstyle with Blunt Cut Bangs

macsara Blunt Cut Bangs large - Rachel Platten’s Best Hairstyles Of All Time

Rachel Platten looks gorgeous here in a voluminous, feminine long wavy blonde hairstyle. Having an oval face shape and high, rounded hairline, her face looks best with fringe and a longer length. This layered haircut creates a nice frame for her face, adding body and bounce all over.  Rachel has a warm complexion with golden undertones and amber eyes. This makes her suited to hair colors that have a warm base to them, like the medium golden blonde and light caramel blonde tones seen here. This natural-looking shade works perfectly on her complexion and it brings out the intensity of her eye color. Moreover, a darker root area and lighter tips give her hair a beachy touch.

 3. Romantic Wavy Bob

macsara Wavy Bob f1e22634 5bbe 4ddf b8fe 17b393384805 large - Rachel Platten’s Best Hairstyles Of All Time

We have a concern about wavy bobs — to be honest, it’s a borderline obsession, and we’re not even sorry for our enthusiasm! But it’s not a big problem with Rachel Platten. As we can see here Rachel can pull off even the obsessive wavy bobs. She delicately makes a side-swipe bob, giving a thicker touch for her hair.  Not only is Rachel’s cut that perfect asymmetric style that allows slightly longer strands to frame her face, but the wavy-kink texture and multi-tonal shade is just absolutely impressive.

4. Long Ombre Wavy Hair

macsara Ombre Wavy Hair large - Rachel Platten’s Best Hairstyles Of All Time

Rachel Platten was ready for the red carpet of the BMI Pop Awards with her long natural ombre mermaid waves. This hairstyle might be simple but it’s radiant enough to help the singer in the spotlight. The all-black outfit complimented the shine of her hair while the motion and volume of the waves created a romantic look.

 5. Elegant & Chic high bun

macsara high bun 3955b43e eada 4079 8155 4bee042dc635 large - Rachel Platten’s Best Hairstyles Of All Time

Both earrings and hairstyles have a big impact on how you look because they directly link to where someone’s eyes are immediately drawn. Therefore, your earrings and hairstyle should work together rather than compete. And we would all share the common opinion that Rachel Platten makes a great combination here. She looks really elegant in a neat high bun which shows off her adorable earrings.

6. High Ponytail

macsara Ponytail ed1d1e27 4ec1 4e77 961c 6f96cc8984db large - Rachel Platten’s Best Hairstyles Of All Time

It appears that Rachel Platten is a big fan of the high ponytail hairstyle and she thinks it deserves a bit more time in the spotlight.

And for 2017 Miss Universe Pageant appearance, she rocked her favorite hairstyle in full and rounded shape. That is a bouffant high ponytail. Rachel’s beautiful blonde hair was worn high on the head, with the crown part teased and puffed out. While a high ponytail can be a casual classic style, the addition of a bouffant enhances an interesting twist. It emphasizes Rachel’s cheekbones and elevates her simple hairdo to a more chic and formal look.

macsara Ponytail 1 large - Rachel Platten’s Best Hairstyles Of All Time

For another scene, Rachel sport a braided ponytail. Why have to go for one when you can make the most of two styles? Braided ponytails are trending as both a stylish statement and something to keep hair away from the face. Unarguably, Rachel looks really energetic and youthful here in this simple but impressive braided ponytail.

7. Romantic side-swipe braid

macsara side swipe braid large - Rachel Platten’s Best Hairstyles Of All Time

We always love Rachel Platten’s hairstyles and this side-swept braid is no exception. Rachel’s gorgeous blonde hair is styled in an attractive side-swept braid. The singer doesn’t get her braid tight but makes it messy in order to add life to the whole look. What’s more, Rachel creates a slicked-back top that accentuates her makeup of eyes.

8.  Sexy Slicked-back Straight hair

macsara Slicked back Straight hair large - Rachel Platten’s Best Hairstyles Of All Time

We would not help to compliment Rachel with this sexy slicked-back hair. It represents sophistication and confidence, as the hair is off the face. Also, it helps to show off her big earrings.

It’s safe to say Rachel Platten is someone that we always look up to. She is not only talented but also beautiful and stunning. We like the way she renews herself with different hairstyles. Is there one that drives your wheels? Leave a comment to let us know.