5 Reasons Why Tape-in Are The Best Hair Extensions Method

You’re thinking of making a more trendy change for your look by using hair extensions, however, there are too many types of hair extensions and you are feeling lost as well as don’t know which kind of extension to choose? There are clip-in hair extensions, tip hair, sew-in wefts, and tape-ins, etc., so which is the best method? The answer will probably depend on each person’s taste and hair characteristics.

The following article might be useful to help you make a decision of using Tape-in hair extensions. There must be a reason why this type of extensions is one of the most popular ways preferred by many women (including me!). Yes, I might be biased and that’s why I’m writing this post showing you all the reasons why you should use tape-in hair extensions to enhance length and volume to your real strands!

The 5 reasons why tape-in hair extensions are the best hair extension method:


Tape-in hair extensions are considered the least expensive semi-permanent hair extension method available for both the expense spent on hair as well as the installation. Why? Thanks to the special bond design that is the specialized pieces of adhesive tape, which will then be glued to the real strands to fix the extensions, tape-ins offer one of the easiest and most convenient ways of using, without any specialized heat equipment. The process of attaching the hair is therefore also greatly shortened as well as it only takes less than an hour to have a full-head-attached, which makes the installation cost is also significantly reduced. Besides, due to the structure of the tape wefts as well as the way they are applied in your head, the maintenance costs for this type of hair extensions are also much lower than any other semi-permanent methods. The cost of hair for tape-ins is also considered cheaper than the cost for tip, fusion, micro bead, or wefts, etc. as they are somehow easier to make. Overall, you can see that the expenses spent on tape extensions (hair and application) are pretty lower compared to most types of hair extension.

Low maintenance

Thanks to the thin construction and 1.5-inch width, tape-ins are one of the easiest hair extensions method to maintain that a lot of people even forget that they’re wearing hair extensions! However, everything has its price, the best maintenance results will only come with the best quality products. You will regret it if you opt for getting cheaper non-Remy extensions! With low quality of hair as well as the adhesive will not allow your extensions to last long. You thought you did save some money when buying cheaper synthetic hair rather than human hair extensions but you were wrong! The higher quality tape-ins will not shed, tangle and will be reusable (not to mention human hair extensions also allow you to restyle and re-dye it!) while synthetic ones cannot!

Least damaging

Tape-ins are one of the least damaging hair extensions on the market. From the way they are installed to how they stay on your head. As I said above, the tape-in application process is very simple as you just need to tape them on hair without using any heat tool, therefore minimizing the harmful effect of such equipment for hair. Besides, tape-ins are also very lightweight so that they will not pull on your real hair as other extensions do, thereby you won’t have to worry about hair loss too much.


Tape-in extensions can be reused for up to 3-4 applications (about a year). This is such a benefit, especially if you have had your extensions customized by re-dyeing or re-styling. That is why getting high quality human tape-in hair extensions is worth trying as you won’t want to remove your new extensions within a matter of 4 weeks. Fusion extensions are not reusable and clip-ins only tend to get used for about 6 months (depending on how you wear and use). The reuse process is also very easy, after removing (and you know what, the removal process is easy too! It will take you only 15 minutes without damaging your real strands!) and washing your extensions, just add new tape and then re-apply them. It’s simple, right?

Invisible and Flexible

They are very thin so that they can be hidden in your hair very well. Not like clip-ins, tape hair extension allows you to wear them in any hairstyle you want from cute braids to a super high ponytail, etc. If you want truly flexible and invisible extensions, tape-ins would be the best option for you!

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