Reduce Damage To Hair When Usually In The Air-Conditioned Room

Your hair is often dry if you’re in the air-conditioned room. Please choose a seat to avoid where the air conditioner blows directly into the hair. There are a lot of tips to prevent dry hair when you are in the air-conditioned room. The following MACSARA hair care methods will be your useful thing to protect your natural hair completely.

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How Does Air Conditioning Cause Hair Loss?

  • The room is arid and dry when the air conditioner is running, which means that the humidity from the air is sucked away.
  • Air conditioners can peel away any moisture not just the one in the air but in your body too.
  • When moisture is pulled out of the skin it stretches and dries up.
  • Your scalp system is generally not protected enough to combat dryness due to air conditioning. Therefore, air conditioning can rob the epidermis of all its moisture and the aging process is hastened.
  • Dry skin feels itchy and becomes flaky-scalp also dries up due to air conditioning and aggravates skin disorders.
  • There is a constant loss of water and a lack of replacement of the water that leaves skin tissues undernourished.
  • When you walk out of the cold atmosphere back into the sun, the hair, scalp, and skin are greeted with abrupt changes in temperatures which is extremely harmful.
  • The skin is constantly stressed out and struggling to maintain its own health.
  • With exalted comfort levels, your diet also leads to a lack of vital nutrients and hair loss.

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To keep your hair healthy when sitting in an air-conditioned room, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Do not enter the air-conditioned room as soon as it comes from the hot weather. The cause is a sudden change in temperature, sweat will evaporate quickly causing dry hair, leading to the body to cool down quickly, resulting in a thermodynamic disorder.
  • Should let the indoor and outdoor temperature difference up to 8 degrees. Do not sit in the air-conditioning unit directly blowing in.
  • Avoid sitting in the air conditioner room when hair is wet because hair is often weaker and the amount of water lost suddenly will make our hair more vulnerable.

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Pay attention to the temperature in the air-conditioned room, do not let the temperature difference too much compared to the outdoors will help your hair to reduce damage.

  • Do not stay in the air-conditioned room for more than 4 consecutive hours.
  • Should use a moisturizer spray bottle occasionally. Pay attention not to spray much, your hair will be oily.
  • If you go out, you should apply sunscreen and wear a hat carefully to avoid hair is broken, dry, split ends.
  • If your hair is regularly exposed to air conditioning, do not use a hairdryer. In an emergency, you can dry your hair in a cool setting. If it is imperative that you change your hairstyle often, you should use a special protective cream. Limit the use of chemicals on your hair such as straightening, dyeing, and curling.

Shampoo And Condition Hair

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  • Choose anti-oxidant hair shampoos that contain lots of vitamin E to fight free radicals that cause hair aging.
  • For people who regularly sit in the air-conditioned room, washing and conditioning their hair is very important. Use conditioner every time you shampoo to strengthen nutrients and moisture to the hair. Do not apply dry conditioner at the hair root, which will make hair dirty quickly.
  • In particular, use natural masks for your hair such as butter, papaya, lemon or honey masks that can help hair recover damaged, enhance vitality for the hair.

Increase Humidity In The Room

Regular sitting in the air-conditioned room will make the hair lose its shine and youthful vitality. This is because the air in the air-conditioned room is often drier, causing the hair to lose moisture.

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To increase room moisture and limit hair dryness, you can place a basin of water in the room whenever you turn on the air conditioner. This method is simple but it is very effective in increasing moisture and helping to reduce damage to hair while staying in air-conditioned rooms.

Drink Enough Water

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Normally, a person’s body needs to 2-2.5 liters of water per day. However, when sitting in the air-conditioned room, the amount of water in the body “evaporates” faster. Therefore, you need to increase your water intake.

In addition to drinking water, you can also use fresh juices, especially orange juice. This is not only a source of water, but orange also provides a lot of vitamins and minerals for the body.

In the winter, the weather is dry so when you stay under air-conditioner daily, your hair will lose water in each strand. Wearing 16 inch weave hair extensions will help you avoid the dry hair from air-conditioner and protect your scalp.