Remove The Main Causes Of Oily Scalp

You can overcome many common if you understand the cause of them. The excess oil on the hair as usual for most of us is actually sebum – a natural oil produced by sebaceous glands that helps hair to be hydrated. The sebaceous glands are distributed throughout the scalp. There are a number of factors that cause excess sebum under the scalp, causing excessive amounts of oily hair. Fortunately, we can control this situation somewhat if we know their cause.

We can control a number of factors that cause hair to spill oil.

The oil glands are overactive

Remove The Main Causes Of Oily Scalp

The sebaceous gland has an excessive activity because of hereditary. The condition of oily hair tends to be more common with naturally straight and thick hair. If your hair is wavy or curly, the oil will not distribute through the remaining fibers quickly. You must be very careful when combing your hair with oiled hair because brushing your hair too often will increase the amount of sebum on your entire remaining hair. To limit oil discomfort, daily scalp cleansing is essential.

Hormonal changes

The hormonal changes are a common cause of excess oil condition in the normal scalp. The sebum production is partially controlled by hormones called androgens, which can increase suddenly during puberty. These hormones may also increase during pregnancy and the menstrual cycle in women, as well as the side effects of some birth control pills. Stress is also a factor in hormonal balance and oil production in both men and women. To avoid this, nothing is more than keeping the mind at ease.

Regularly monitor your oil and see your doctor as soon as you feel the hormonal changes affect your hair.


High humidity can lead to the oily scalp that is really becoming a matter of concern if you own oily skin but it is good in areas with high humidity all year round. In other areas, this situation may only occur in hot months.

Wash your hair many times

Many people believe that washing your hair several times a day will help your hair or scalp clean and less greasy. But this is essentially a disastrous mistake. Washing your hair too many times a day only activates the sebaceous glands more often, causing excess oil. Ideally, with a lot of oil, you should only wash once a day.

Dry shampoo is a good choice that is encouraged to combat oiliness without the hassle of washing the hair with water and regular shampoo. Besides, this shampoo also made to let your hair rest from the harmful effects of chemicals on your shampoo. Remember what our hairdresser said about the possible effects of washing your hair every day? And how important and healthier it is for our hair if we give it a rest from regular shampoo? You just need to try doing it and feel the difference.

When is a suitable time to wash your hair? This is also important as this will determine why you have produced extra oils. In fact that if you wash before bedtime this will give more time to produce more oil so you will wake up with oily hair. So wash your hair in the morning if you have oily hair to keep it looking fresh for longer.

What to do to reduce greasy hair?

Choosing the right product is important, otherwise, your hair situation will get worse. Oil-based shampoos only aggravate the problem, so choose water-based products for your hair. If oil spills with dandruff, you should consider trying dandruff shampoo twice a week to balance moisture. Eating a balanced, healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and controlling stress will also help regulate the intensity of oil production.

Take care of oily hair

  • Daily wash your hair with a specially formulated shampoo product for oily hair.
  • Gently massage the scalp while washing your hair for at least five minutes before rinsing.
  • Skip hair conditioner. If you want to use conditioner, choose oil-free products and just use only a sufficient amount for the tail, not on the base.
  • Do not brush your hair with a comb too much. When combing your hair, avoid combing the scalp that helps prevent or limit the transfer of oil from the scalp to the hair.
  • If you have an oily scalp, use a shampoo that contains bleach, such as ammonium or sodium lauryl sulfate.

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