Rosamund Pike’s Short Hairstyles For What’s Called “The Work Of Art”!

Her surprising versatility of short hair will definitely stun you!

The bob is probably one of the most popular short hairstyles of all time, which is preferred and worn by a lot of women around the world thanks to its ability to deliver consistently chic and neat results. This hairstyle is also a favorite option of many female celebrities, including Rosamund Pike, and she wears this hairstyle so much that it seems to have become the trademark of the actress. Mentioning about Rosamund, not only about her genius acting skill, but people also can’t help but thinking about her gorgeous short hair as the Hollywood star always sure know how to work the most timeless of hairstyles for all its versatility.

Indeed, Rosamund Pike bob hairstyle has never disappointed even the most grumpy beauty followers. Sometimes it’s a short, pale bob; sometimes it’s a charming flip, or sometimes it’s an edgy slicked-down. Here are some inspired ways of Pike to style a short bob.

Elegant bun

This modern bun show Rosamund’s secret to keeping her straight, sleek bob looking super sharp and appealing: she has an undercut! The shorter hairs at the neck not only bring a neater look but also make it easier to create a bun without messing up with flyaways. If you have thick hair, this Rosamund Pike haircut may be a good option for you to keep your look sharp, whether you leave it loose down or wear it up.

Straight dissymmetrical bob hair

The actress looks beyond elegant and radiant with this hairstyle. The light blonde shade combined with the glossy-nude lips and feminine yet sexy white dress brings a charmer look yet fancy look to the actress. Appearing on the red carpet in such a simple style, Pike still shines brightly and becomes the highlight of the red carpet.

Side-parted soft curly dissymmetrical bob hair

Rosamund appeared at the 87th Academy Awards nominee luncheon at The Beverly Hilton Hotel looking white-hot and appealing. Still associating with the asymmetric bob hairstyle but this time, the actress decided to add some loose curls at the hair ends for a more gentle and graceful look. A berry-colored lip to finish the look is also a suitable choice to enhance the sweetness yet attractiveness.

Soft wavy dissymmetrical bob hair

Pike made a little change in her hairstyle by adding some relaxed waves to her short locks when attending the Women in Film Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party. Once again, the actress proved to the world her ability to “play” with her short tresses in a hundred styles, and each style is all beautiful in a particular way. The light blonde balayage-dyed hair also brings a trendy and modern look.

Messy soft wavy dissymmetrical bob hair

It’s still the same short hair but just a little change in styling or the way to combine with different makeup styles can bring different feelings. That is how Rosamund Pike stunned the red carpet of the 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Award. If in the above pictures, the actress appeared gracefully and femininely with the gentle makeup style, then in this picture, the dramatic red lips make her look super regal. The messy loose wavy bob hairstyle was also perfect to bring a fancier look.

Elegant updo

You’re thinking that short hair cannot be done updo? Here Rosamund has proved that you’re wrong! The star was showing her knack for dressing her short hair up in an intriguing new way. Sweeping the hair into a sleek modern French twist, just like Pike in this picture, is such an interesting way to diversify your normal short hair as well as having an elegant hairstyle for formal occasions.

Slick side-parted bob hair

Rosamund Pike short bob hair never disappoints the public by its versatility and modern look. This slick side-parted bob is another example, besides the gorgeous hairstyles of Pike above. The sharp, blunt cut combining with the wet look is a perfect choice to have a classy look without putting so much effort.

Classic bob hairstyle

Sometimes the simple is the best! Such a blunt bob, which is deeply parted to one side, is enough to bring the Gone Girl’s star a super charming appearance, making her look a few years younger.

Hopefully, these Rosamund Pike short hair has already given you the inspiration to style your short mane, making styling short hair never boring in any way.

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