RUBY ROSE – Dramatic hair makeovers


Known as an Australian model and actress, Ruby Rose gained great attention as a presenter of MTV Australia from 2007 to 2011. She also received a great number of high-profile modeling gigs, remarkably with the face of Maybelline New York of Australia. And she officially gained global attention from season three of “Orange Is the New Black” – one of the Netflix series.

If you always cherish the hope of making a great difference in your appearance, this article will be an ideal recommendation through the Australian model and actress – RUBY ROSE. You can consult her hair colors to self-design an appropriate hairstyle with a unique color.

1.Half-blue and half-pink buzz cut

It comes as no surprise when several celebrities decide to dye their hair with fun colors. Hilary Duff is a typical example of a blue hairstyle and a handful of pink stars.

Hilary Duff in blue hairstyle

However, Ruby Rose dyed the left half of her hair blue with a blue longer piece, and the rest of her buzz cut pink. Also, she wrote a multi-photo post with the caption “Sometimes you just need to feel blue and other times you need pink to lighten your day.”

This combination of blue and pink creates a unique hairstyle with whimsical colors. Ruby Rose looks stunning and fashionable with a pair of glasses and her cute puppy. This two-tone can serve as inspiration for at-home hair makeovers.

2. Green pixie cut

To intensify the tone of her pixie cut, instead of bleaching, her hairstylist – Brant Mayfield (Chris McMillan Salon, Beverly Hills) took advantage of Pravana’s Artificial Hair Color Extractor. This will help lift her color for her mid-lengths and ends with the green tone while keeping her roots dark. With this amazing hairstyle and color, Ruby Rose looks like a naughty and eccentric tomboy, but this still can’t lower her attractiveness. We have to admit that It’s the beautiful girls who have to fall for her alluring beauty.

3. Magenta undercut

Ruby Rose is so ferocious when combining undercut with the magenta color. This is not a just hairstyle but a big statement. She looks like a real leader of a rebellious gang.

4. Platinum Pixie

In 2009, Rose chopped her hair and dyed her strands Platinum at the MTV Summer Party. This hair color demonstrates that her flawless complexion can be shiny in both dark and light hues.

5. Purple short hair

It is indisputable that the combination of her alluring purple hair and megawatt smile is a lethal poison that can kill millions of hearts in the world.

6. Blue-green hair

It is easy to realize that the color of her eyes has the same as that of her hair. This perfect combination constructs a Ruby Rose with noble and powerful temperament. In this photo, she looks like a glamorous queen or the center of attention. This hairstyle also contributes to lightening her face with a broad forehead and deep eyes.

7. Slicked-back hair


Nobody can resist her glamour with the blonde hair color and sentimental eyes. Our hearts will melt when looking into those deep eyes. Also, her appearance becomes modern and edgy thanks to this slicked-back style.

It can be hard to believe that Ruby Rose has had black, white, blue, green, purple, gray, and red hair. We have to admit that she deserves to be put on the list of one of those celebrities who dare to try awesome hairstyles with the most daring colors. There is no doubt that she will be an ideal model for many people looking for creative hairstyles with astonishing colors.

This article will be so useful for those who love colorful hairstyles and always desire to renew their appearance. “Invest in your hair first since it is the crown that you never take off.” So, pick up a hair color you love and make a trip to hair salons right now because being beautiful is should not be delayed.