Scarlett Johansson’s Hair Color Evolution

For the Hollywood world, trying a new hair look is far from the short description lines in novels. Thanks to wigs, extensions, and skilled colorists, put on a new look for your hair is easy, and far less damaging than it used to be. Wrong cut? Wrong dyeing? Mismatching color? Then just chop it off, dye it back, or toss a wig over it. And the problem is solved!

Of course, we all know that celebrity transformations are happening left and right. They are the trendsetters and trend leaders, so it’s not difficult to understand when top Hollywood stars, especially female stars, constantly change their image to become most stylish and luxurious. One of the common but extremely effective methods to help celebs change their appearance is to change their hair color. Indeed, different hair colors will bring different styles. If red hair brings a fiery and seductive look, blonde hair feels arrogant and luxurious, black hair is mysterious, then brown hair brings femininity and charm feel. There is a Hollywood female star who clearly shows the change of style with each hair color, that is Scarlett Johansson. Let’s join MACSARA to take a look at Scarlett Johansson hair color evolution and maybe you will find an idea to get your hair dyed at the next salon appointment!

Scarlett Johansson natural hair color

Scarlett Johansson made her mark and gained worldwide fame thanks to her role as Black Widow in the Avengers franchise, where she made a strong impression with her sexy image with distinctive red hair, which also helped Scarlett Johansson to make an appearance in the ranks of the sexiest women in the world. Therefore, when referring to the Black Widow actress, most of the public will think of her typical red hair, or golden blonde hair (which seems to be her favorite hair color as the actress wears this hair color quite often). And many people even think that red (or blonde) hair is her natural hair color. But is that true?

macsara Scarlett Johansson s Hair Color Evolution large - Scarlett Johansson’s Hair Color Evolution

Scarlett Johansson looks good in every hair color she has tried, that’s a fact that everyone will agree on no doubt. It is for this reason that it’s very hard to guess what Scarlett Johansson natural hair color is. For anyone wondering, Johansson has been activated in the movie industry since she was nine years old (as her first appearance was in the movie North in 1994), so we do have some insight into what the actress’s natural hair color might be. As a young little girl, she appeared to have the blond hair, which she has known for, although it seems to have deepened into a light brown shade as she has gotten older. Well, look at the picture above, we have to admit that the girl looked so sweet and cute in the soft brown mane, and even cuter with two light-blue baby barrettes.

Scarlett Johansson red hair

There is no need to introduce more about this hair color on Johansson as the strong and seductive Black Widow character with characteristic red hair has become so familiar and popular. Indeed, the red hair color is so beautiful and suitable for Johansson that many people even thought that this hair color was born for the actress and vice versa. Throughout the film series in the Avenger franchiseBlack Widow of Scarlett has changed her hairstyle several times but the red mane has still retained (except that one time she appears in Captain America: Civil War in the blonde shade and the fans seemed to not like it much). Now, it’s time to revisit all of the iconic looks of Black Widow over the last decade, because why not?

macsara Scarlett Johansson red hair large - Scarlett Johansson’s Hair Color Evolution

The actress appears full of alluringness with loose curly red hairstyle in Iron Man 2.

macsara Black Widow large - Scarlett Johansson’s Hair Color Evolution

In The Avengers, Black Widow chopped off all her hair and styled it into a stylish, shoulder-grazing bob.

macsara Captain America large - Scarlett Johansson’s Hair Color Evolution

Opting for a sleek, straight lob in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

macsara Avenger Age of Ultron large - Scarlett Johansson’s Hair Color Evolution

A year later, Black Widow made a major appearance in Avenger: Age of Ultron with a trendy deep wavy bob hairstyle.

Scarlett Johansson black hair

If the red hair color brings a fiery and attractive appearance, the blonde hair brings a luxurious and arrogant look, then Johansson in black hair is extremely mysterious and seductive.

macsara Scarlett Johansson black hair large - Scarlett Johansson’s Hair Color Evolution

macsara Scarlett Johansson black hair 1 large - Scarlett Johansson’s Hair Color Evolution

macsara Scarlett Johansson black hair 2 large - Scarlett Johansson’s Hair Color Evolution

Which hair color that you think will be the best suit for Scarlett Johansson? Let us know by leaving your thought in the comment section below!

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