Secret to prevent your hair color from fading

“Travelling” in the summer will be more “colorful” and exciting with fabulous and alluring hair color. However, almost every girl dyed their hair but not everyone knows how to keep the dye last longer and look as shiny as the first dyeing. The following six must-know things on protecting your hair color from fading will definitely be your “savior”.

  1. Understand the “life cycle” of dyed hair

Any dyed hair goes through 3 different stages. The first stage lasts about 2 weeks after dying is the time when the hair is in the perfect state because of the newly intervened chemical: shiny, vivid color. The next stage is about 2-4 weeks after dying, at this time the gloss of the hair begins to show signs of diminishing, the color of the hair also becomes duller. The third stage is that after 1 month after staining, both the gloss and the color of the hair are markedly reduced, the original hair roots also begin to grow and this is the time for you to “reconstruct” your hair. Knowing this “life cycle”, you will easily adjust the way you care and know when to visit the salon to maintain the style of your hair.

  1. Make away from three components sulfate, silicone, and ammonia

There is no need for sophisticated care methods, the simplest but most effective way to maintain the shininess of dyed hair is to avoid hair care products that contain three components: sulfate, silicone, and ammonia. In it, sulfate causes hair fibers to dry, silicone causes a buildup on the surface of the hair, causing hair to break easily and ammonia damages hair as well as makes hair fade faster. Train yourself to read the table of ingredients before buying, the hair will “thank you” very much and will “pay” you with the sleek, smooth look that you always desire.

  1. Don’t shampoo before dying and don’t wash your hair too often

You shouldn’t get your hair shampooed before dying about 1-2 days, because the natural oil layer below the scalp, which is regulated by hairline will be the protect film for hair from the allergy and affecting of aniline. On the other hand, remember to minimize the exposure of the dye to the scalp.

You shouldn’t wash your hair too often since this is one of the reasons for the fast-fading of hair color and also may cause hair damaged. If you have a habit of washing your hair daily, it will be difficult for your hair to retain its color as long as you expect it, resulting in faster hair loss and needing to be dyed sooner, consuming more time and money. For maximum color preservation, you should wash your hair up to 3 times a week with a shampoo that is exclusive to sulfate-free and dyed hair. In addition, you also need to focus on providing moisture to the hair and the simplest way to do this is to invest in a bottle of “very deluxe” conditioner. When fully moisturized, the hair will be smoother and more vivid.

  1. Deeply moisturize hair whenever possible

Dry, unruly hair will not be able to store color as well as fully moisturized hair. Therefore, in addition to using conditioner every time you wash your hair, you should take care of your hair whenever possible with a mask for dyed hair. In addition to nourishing, providing moisture to the hair, this product also restores the tone for dull-colored hair.

  1. Minimize heat styling

High temperature is also the number one enemy of dyed hair. If you always straighten your hair or curl it on the machine, don’t blame why your hair has just dyed but already faded. To preserve the color of your dyed hair, try to limit styling with heat. In the case of force majeure, use hair protection products before styling to minimize harm.

  1. Limit the exposure of the dyed-hair with the sun

With the dyed hair, the sun is one of the main reasons leading to hair color fading and makes hair become stiff and brittle. If you have to go out of the sun after dyeing, you should cover your hair with a wide-brimmed hat and tie it neatly to restrict the disclosure of the hair with the sun.

In addition, we all know that summer is the season of family trips, going swimming with friends, etc., salt in seawater and chlorine in pool water, however, are harmful agents for dyed hair that not everyone knows. Before going swimming or going to the beach, remember to brush the hair with conditioner or wear a swimming cap to “hide” your hair, and wash your hair as soon as possible after swimming.

Knowing six “secrets” to maintain the hair color that MACSARA has just introduced above, there’s no reason that your dyed hair doesn’t look brilliant and durable. Good luck!