Selena Gomez: Flexible Transformation From Long Hairstyles To Short Hairstyles

Selena Gomez is famous for changing up her hair, whether it’s the hair color, length, or texture. Honestly, when it comes to hair transformations, Selena is one of the “hair masters”. In fact, she’s the ultimate source if you’re looking for some hair inspiration.

Selena Marie Gomez is a well-known American singer and actress. She has the dare to try out various kinds of hairstyles, and she creates them fabulously. Here MACSARA will introduce some of her super stunning hairstyles, from which you can pick out the suitable for yourselves.

1. Shaved Undercut

Selena rocked a shaved undercut beneath an elegant high-pony braid.

2. Braided Long Hair

Selena Gomez styles her long lustrous hair into a casual messy braid. Her dark wine lipstick matches her complexion greatly. Her long neat side-swept bangs frame her face charmingly and create her a Grecian flare.

3. Sleek Low Pony with an Accurate Side Part

Selena’s look from the 3rd Annual Unlikely Heroes Awards Dinner shows us that the young celebrity is ready for the new season from head to toe. She tries on the brightest new trends – the low pony with a side part and the fringe trend in outfits. Both are current interests presently and will be popular in 2019.

4. Wavy Bob

Style your short hair by creating loose waves with a big curling iron. Remember, the bigger the curling iron, the looser the waves.

5. Ponytail Hairstyle for Long Straight Hair

Selena Gomez showed her beauty by styling long straight golden blonde hair into a splendid ponytail, which is full of fun and smoothness. The fabulous and natural smoky cat eyes add a sexy touch to her bright and charming face.

6. Smooth and Silky Side-Parted Tresses

While a sleek low pony appears rather strict and reserved, its counterpart – the free-flowing hairstyle conveys your look the glamorous vibe that makes you stand out from the crowd at any big event.

7. Sleek Straight Hairdo

Although Selena is known for her gorgeous loose curls, she also knows how to work straight strands, too.

8. High Wavy Ponytail

If you have bangs, don’t stress about fitting your hair into a high wavy ponytail. Leave your bangs out and let them do their thing.

9. Long Straight Tresses off The Face

Ischia Global Film & Music Festival is a setting where you want to feel unconstrained and indulge in good movies and quality music. One of Selena’s looks from the last year fest features the stylish ease with a sexy touch, expressed in the simple straight hairstyle and floor-length denim print gown with bold slits.

10. Super Voluminous Waves with Ombre

When you style your thick long hair in waves, it’s getting extremely voluminous and may seem rather bulky. Pinup a few sides lock at the back to prevent them from falling forwards and getting onto your face. Leave face-framing locks and do not try to achieve a perfect hairstyle. Currently, it should look rather spontaneous to succeed.

11. Crown Braid

Whether you’re growing out your fringe or you’re looking for an easy but pretty way to upgrade a braid. Gomez’s crown braid hairstyle is a good choice for you.

12. Loose Low Bun

After you create a low bun, take some pieces out and then curl them to create a soft, romantic look.

13. Red Long Curly Hairstyle

Selena’s cascading coppery red waves create her a voluminous and stunning look. The luscious and bouncy waves of Selena gave a glamorous and fashionable look. The sexy formal hairstyle with a side part is perfect to her round face shape.

14. Beach Waves

Beach waves are a cool hairstyle for summer which suits long hair with any thickness. You can rock them messy and natural-looking to refresh your hair look. Selena Gomez has a round face shape, so here she also includes long side bangs.

15. Curly Side Part

A quick and easy way to mix up your hairstyle is to create a part that you don’t normally wear.

16. Brown Hair and Loose Curls

Long loose brunette curls is a Selena Gomez’s decision to adds some length to her locks. The long layers are cut around the sides to lighten the length encouraging the movement of the natural curls. The sexy smoky cat eyes and the luscious red lipstick match the low-fuss hairstyle wonderfully.

17. Purple Hair

If you could dye your hair any highlight color, what would it be? With purple hue, your friend certainly is surprised and give you highly recommends.

18. Low Braided Bun

Selena Gomez graced the 2014 American Music Awards, rocking a classy braided bun and a floor-length black gown with a sexy back cut. The accurate middle part and neat sleekness of her hairstyle were balanced by the intricate knots at the nape. The random streaks, sticking out of the ‘should be viewed as a cool modern twist in the context of the popular today messy hair trend.

19. 90s-Inspired Braid

To recreate this look, you’ll need some braiding skills you can possibly study.

20. Perfect Chic Updo

Selena Gomez wears a super delectable tightly-woven French braid hairstyle that features tons of volume and splendid shape. The raven hair is twisted several times and fix into place in back with the hair ends sprigging upward and outward. A little hairspray can guarantee the perfect effect.

21. Shoulder-Length Haircut

In her teen years, Selena Gomez preferred shorter lengths. Such beautiful hair as hers is difficult to spoil, and these poker-straight shoulder-length tresses, thinned out at the ends look pretty amazing. The slanting bangs draw attention to Selena’s eyes and work as the “wow” factor of this charming style.

22. Short Hair With Ombre

bob without bangs can also have a slimming effect if it’s styled straight and features below-the-chin length. In addition, Selena Gomez tries a subtle ombre hue that sets off the warm brown color of her eyes.

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