Selena Gomez Looks Incredible In These Makeup-Free Pictures

Selena Gomez no makeup is no longer strange with fans. Where does she get the confidence to do so?

Selena Gomez is an American pop star and actress. Young and talented, Selena has shown her artistic ability from ever since she was a little. The girl started acting with a role Gianna in Barney & Friend. She continued to appear in the small screen with some cameo roles in a few movies, and had some guest appearances in serials of Disney Channel such as ‘Hannah Montana’ and ‘The Suite Life of Zack and Cody’. The actress started getting the world recognized with her role in the other popular Disney TV series – Wizard of Waverly place, which earned her a lot of awards, nominations, and appreciations. Selena then has slowly branched out into music as she is the lead singer of her band Selena Gomez and the Scene, which is famous for some hit songs like ‘Like a Love Song’ and ‘Round and Round’.

Not only being popular for the artistic side but the pop star also is admired for her shining beauty whether with or without makeup, especially her never-change-over-years babyface. Indeed, Selena Gomez is one of the very rare celebrities who have the brave and confident to show off her natural beauty almost anywhere, anytime she wants, the American star also continuously remains her position in the list of the Hollywood superstars who have the most beautiful bare face, besides the well-known names such as Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, etc. Let join MACSARA to take a look at some most iconic moments of Selena Gomez without makeup!

Selena Gomez no makeup pictures:

[1] ‘A lovely college student girl’

Selena Gomez was seen in an orange hoodie with a grey scarf. Not covered by many elaborate layers of makeup, the songstress had shown off the most naturally beautiful features on her face, from the flawless skin to the deep eyes. Opting for the simple cloth style while wearing glasses, and the black hair was neatly wrapped back into a high ponytail, Selena looked dynamic and youthful as a new college girl. Do you see your own student days image when seeing this picture?

[2] The sporty look at the airport

Selena Gomez was spotted at the airport wearing a comfortable grey tracksuit and looked a bit tired as she had just finished a long flight. Selena tends to not wear any makeup whenever she’s off schedule so that her face and skin become clear and has time to rest after a long time covered by many cosmetic layers. This time was not an exception, she was not wearing makeup and left her face bared 100%, and this even showed more clearly the fatigue on her face. However, there’s one thing we cannot deny that even when tired and no makeup on, the young lady still looks beautiful and attractive. The long straight brunette hair was left loose down freely (maybe because Selena was too lazy to tie it up), just randomly but also helped significantly enhance the femininity.

[3] Elegant look while going shopping

Just walking down the street for doing some shopping but our songstress looked as if she was doing a photo shoot. This photo was taken a long time ago when Selena had not had liver transplant surgery and gained weight because of the side effects of the medicine as she is now. As we can see from this photo, the young star was wearing a fitted white long sleeve shirt, which was showing off her sexy body curves perfectly, combined with dark blue jeans. The highlights of the whole outfit were definitely the blue scarf wrapped around her neck and the stylish shoulder-length soft wavy brunette hairstyle, which make her look so elegant and feminine yet full of alluringness even without makeup.

[4] Shopping for makeup kinds of stuff

Besides being a world star, Selena is also a young lady who likes to purchase some beauty products to beautify herself at home. This photo was taken while she was in a shop testing out some cosmetics that she could probably buy. We often see a mature and enchanting Selena with makeup on when attending some formal events, however once removing makeup layer and showing off the natural beauty, our actress immediately transforms into a sweet lovely girl. In this picture, Selena styled her hair by parting it from a side and tied altogether back for a loose bun, the two side bangs left free down may look a bit messy but making her look more natural and comfortable. Just wearing a black casual top while carrying a sling bag over the body, and of course, with the face was totally makeup-free, such a simple style but to be honest, looking at this picture of her, I can’t help but admire gorgeous inborn beauty and feel like loving her more. How about you?

Some more pictures of Selena Gomez without makeup

Selena Gomez has almost never disappointed us with her natural beauty as the lady always knows how to be prominent and charming without the support from enhancing beauty products. What do you think about her bare face? Let MACSARA know your opinion by leaving a comment below!

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