Several must-know hacks for using hair extensions

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose to wear the most suitable hair extensions, one of which is its convenience you can easily transform your hair from short to long in just a few minutes, add volume to your hair to make it more voluminous, or get thicker braids instantly.  It might be the most effective and quickest solution to deal with every problem with your thin and fine hair. If you are new to the world of hair extensions, there must have much information you want to know.

Several must-know hacks for using hair extensions

Usually, one of the most questions is how to wear and style hair extensions perfectly. However, the way you care about your extensions after using it for longer even more important. So, what are the hacks to take care of your hair extensions? What’s the best way to curl hair extensions? Is it possible to get a layered look without cutting your extensions? Continue reading to find the most useful tips for you to apply in practice.

Use A Dresser Drawer To Curl Your Clip-Ins

Styling your hair extensions before applying it to your natural hair is really necessary. Keep in mind to place the hanger securely to make sure it is not gonna fall out when you are curling or straightening your extensions. This way is much easier in comparison with curling your extensions at the back of your head.

Diagonal Back Section Tape Extensions for a better-layered look

You may wonder why you cannot have the layers in your hair. This is the answer for you. Once you wear the tape-in or clip-in hair extensions in a diagonal line, it will create fake layers. In this way, people can see from the low, and high hair is blended perfectly with your natural hair.

Several must-know hacks for using hair extensions

Backcomb your roots to prevent wefts from falling out

You’re finding the extensions to add for thicker locks, the tip hair extension must be the best choice. One of the most confusing things when using it is how to brush the root without slipping the hair. Well, our advice is to backcomb your hair with a bit of dry shampoo when it comes to the root. Copying these tips right after and it’s gonna help you so much.

Store your extensions properly to prolong their lifespan

It is absolutely right when you put your hair extensions in a proper place after drying it to make sure it can last as long as possible. It is much better if you dry it and keep it into a satin bag and hang it nicely in the dry place such as the wardrobe of even scroll and put into your bag whenever you need it. Applying this way to prevent your hair from getting tangled and damaged.

Wash them regularly

Many hairstylists suggest that it is much better to shampooing the hair extensions and nurture it with suitable conditioner for a beautiful look. Always try to wash them regularly to remove the product before putting it into your hair.

Use the right hairbrush when brushing your hair

It is quite tricky when you brush your hair extensions attached in the head. It may pull your extensions if you use a traditional comb. The unique teeth of the hairbrush for extensions won’t cause any snagging, pulling, or damage to your wefts. The special design aims to remove any tangles without moving the wefts and the tip around. Some of the hacks you should add to the must-try list. For further information about hair extensions, visit MACSARA to find more. Please, don’t forget to follow our next news.