Sew-In Hair Extensions

What is sew-in hair extensions?

You never ever hear about “sew-in hair extensions”? This is so normal. Perhaps you know: tape hair, clip-in hair, or the same thing. Sew-in hair extensions are getting more and more popular than before.  If you own slender hair, you want to use hair extensions? We suggest you purchasing Sew-in hair extensions-one of these fabulous types.

Sew in hair extensions are used popularly in Africa as well as people who fascinated by braid hair. Normally, the hairdresser will apply this product by braiding into cornrow and using a specialized tool to sew into the braid or cornrows. But you have to accept that: it takes a long time to apply for Sew-in hair extensions, you must be patient. Importantly, you need to count on a responsible hair maker, because the tight application can make your scalp be in strain. You could feel so painful as well as uncomfortable.

Because sew in hair extensions are sewed into your cornrow so it can blend with your real hair’s color in a perfect way. Moreover, sew in hair extensions also come into wig form. By the way, you can sew into the cornrow like usual. Otherwise, the hair comes in one piece as opposed to separate wefts.

Some people think that: Sew-in hair extensions can remain permanently seamless. But it totally depends on your caution. For instance: you need to moisture your scalp by using protein shampoo or deep conditioning products. Many professors suggest that: you must mix up with synthetic hair, usually weaves come in your real hair.

You must remove it after 6 or 8 months to let your real hair have a chance to “breathe” and grow up.

How to apply for Sew-in hair extensions?

If you want to use Sew-in hair extensions to add the length of your hair, you can create each part from the left ear and across the head to the top of the right ear.

Usually, you cannot do it yourself, you must count on hair maker to help you style hair. Maybe you can use a mirror to see your head’s back.

1.Create a part for hair extensions

Try to create these lines as equally as you can. Then, comb the hair above the part line and clip it onto your hair. You will have to use “thin” lines to make cornrows. Take the hair below your cornrow part and secure it with a ponytail holder.

2. Create the cornrow

  • At once side of your head, divide into 3 amounts of hair that are equal fairly from the thin section of hair that you have prepared for cornrows. Holding one part on your right hand, other in your left hand. Holding center strands in whatever hand that makes you feel convenient. If the cornrow is too thick, the hair could have trouble drying completely when you wash it. Badly, it could be moldy.
  •  Crossing the hair in your right hand underneath the hair in your center section. Then cross the hair in your left hand underneath the hair that’s now in the center.
  • Repeat this movement along the part line of the hair. As you move, pick up additional hair from the head and add it to the center section so that you’re creating one.

  • You can either add hair to the center section or to the left- and right-hand sections as you braid. Make your cornrow as tight as you can without causing pain.
  • When you finish off the last movement, use all the sectioned hair to create your cornrow, tie the end of the cornrow braid with a hair elastic.

(*) Watch out: All the sectioned hair has to towards in the same direction to avoid sticking out one side of your head.