Should We Have A Short Hairstyle With A Round Face?

 Finding a nice short hairstyle that suits your face not only helps you feel more confident when communicating but also shows respect to those around you. These super hot short hairstyles will turn your face into a slim shape, making you always “sunny”.

Short hair for big round face

For girls who possess a plump faceshort hair is the right choice to cover the imperfections perfectly. There are many suitable hairstyles to help your face become good-looking and delicate such as short puffy curls, short hair across curled chin, short-tailed hair…
You can change your hairstyle according to many types of bangs such as long or thin bangs hair, turn the base to make the face more attractive. Choose bright colors or deep tones such as cold brown, western brown … to become prominent.
These hairstyles are quite easy to care for and do not cause much damage, just have light makeup and trendy dress you will become confident “sunshine” when going to school, work or go out.

Curly bob hair

The bob seems to be the hairstyle born for the round face of a female. With a  length of the chin, the ends of the hair are curled close to the face, creating an oval face feeling that makes many people think that you have lost weight.
This hairstyle just keeps the innocence to help you become young. You can change many favorite styles like letting your bangs open, long bangs, or turns, which makes you look more elegant. Don’t forget to adorn your hair with the hottest dye colors to attract every look.

Short hair for small round faces 

Girls who have small round faces have a few choices of hairstyles to make their harmonious faces. Shoulder-length curls are hairstyles that fit the small round faces. It will be so creative if you add a bit of a bang to cover the blemish on the face in the most discreet way.
 For women with thin hair, they should refer to the hairstyle that is curly hair to increase the length of hair. With these hairstyles, adorn with the hottest dyes to make you young effectively!

Short hair for long round face

If you own a long round face, it is not difficult to find the right hairstyle. There are a variety of short hairstyles for long round faces that you can choose to apply: puffy curls, wavy with big or small waves … With each type, you will have different and interesting looks. The curls close to the face create a harmonious feature that obscures the imperfections perfectly. For a more effective and younger, choose the hottest dyed colors to attract every look! With short hairstyles for long round faces, you can add a nice bang to help recover the defects on your face. It looks not sophisticated, not too prominent but the result is extremely unexpected.

Short hair for low forehead face

It is not difficult to choose short hairstyles for girls with low foreheads. Each hairstyle helps you have a different appearance, just be creative with the smallest variations you can change your hair successfully.
Some short-haired styles with slanted bangs or curly hair are thin hair trends that are suitable for short forehead girls to be crowned this year. These hairstyles look pretty simple, just makeup and mix fashionable clothes you will be more confident when going to work, go out or go to school.
After using harsh treatment to get beautiful short-hairstyles, your hair will be extremely damaged. We recommend some useful ways to prevent hair loss.
  •  Choose a suitable shampoo.
            Choosing a curling shampoo that is the first thing you must always remember, which helps to replenish moisture, keratin, protein, and essential vitamins for your hair. Try 2-3 shampoo types before choosing the type that best suits your hair. However, when the hair has adapted to the right shampoo, you should be “loyal” to the product, avoid changing the shampoo continuously.
  • Wash your hair properly
            Excessive scratching not only cleans the scalp but also contributes to the scalp damage, fast hair loss, tangle, and dryness. Instead, girls should only massage gently in the right way to improve hair growth.
            Hair in a wet state is also very easy to break, especially curly hair, so avoid using a dry, ragged cloth to clean, rub your hair. You should only use a soft cloth lightly soaked in water, then let your hair dry naturally.
            In short, be confident and change yourself to be glamorous with the right hairstyles. We hope that this news will help you choose for yourself the best types of short hair. If you want to own other new hairstyles that are different from short hair, visit our website Macsarahair to get more hair extensions for your choice.