Smart Tips To Use A Hairdryer That Not Everyone Knows

You don’t dare to use a hairdryer for fear of damaging your hair? In fact, if you know how to use a hairdryer properly, it will not only keep the silky texture but also help you to create many beautiful hairstyles!

Smart Tips To Use A Hairdryer That Not Everyone Knows A lot of people think that blow-drying will damage the hair, so they prefer to let the hair air dry. This method is completely correct, however, hairdryers nowadays have been improved a lot with many handy features and high quality. So now hairdryers not only have a drying and styling effect, but they also can contribute to making your hair stronger (of course only when you use it properly).

Currently, there are many brands that produce hairdryers, and each brand offers a wide range of this kind of merchandise for you to choose from. However, in addition to finding the right type of machine for your needs, you should also pay attention to how to use a blow dryer to avoid damage to your hair.

Types of hairdryers 

Smart Tips To Use A Hairdryer That Not Everyone Knows

There are many different types and models of hair dryers on the market. This can make you feel confused when choosing one for your family. You can choose the right hair dryer based on price, model or basic hair drying functions.

Blow dryers usually come in two forms: fixed handles and foldable handles. Foldable handles will be tidy when you need to organize things. However, if possible, you should choose a fixed handle because this type will last longer as the internal power cord will not be broken or damaged by repeatedly folding.

How to choose a hairdryer?

Smart Tips To Use A Hairdryer That Not Everyone Knows

Depending on the needs and affordability, you can choose for yourself the right type of hairdryer. You can rely on the uses listed in the usage leaflet.

Choose the device with the right design 

Because there are two types of fixed handles and foldable handles, you can choose the type of machine depending on your preference. However, if you choose the latter one, then when you are finished using it, you should limit folding the handle to keep your hairdryer more durable. In addition, you should choose a machine made of plastic material for better insulation, not causing hand burns to users.

Choose a lightweight machine

If you regularly use the hairdryers, especially hairdressers, it would be better to choose dryers that are light to hold and use throughout the day. The type of hairdryer, which is only for drying hair, is most commonly used.

Select the machine with the power off function

Smart Tips To Use A Hairdryer That Not Everyone Knows

This kind of device will automatically turn off the power if the temperature rises too high, so you can rest assured when choosing this product to beautify every day. This will help protect users from the risk of scalding burns or hair damage due to high heat. You can also avoid fire, explosion, and damages due to overload.

Choose a variety of temperature levels

You should choose a machine with multiple temperature levels or multiple drying modes to be used in different situations such as fast drying, weak or strong hair, etc. The type of machine you choose needs to have at least two modes of cool and heat drying.

Select the machine with the switch

Hairdryers with switches are usually quite durable. If the breaker is damaged, it is also easy to find and replace. For the type of dryer which needs to be pressed continuously to change its functions, it is often easy to fail. In addition, if these machines fail, it will be difficult to find other spare parts for replacement.

Choose the machine of the reputable brand

You should choose to buy hairdryers at prestigious shopping centers to avoid the case of buying fake goods, poor quality products, etc. At the same time, you should choose the big brands that are trusted by many people.

The advantages of these brands are that they are good quality, durable, safe for users, affordable prices. You should avoid buying hair dryers of unknown origin because they are often of poor quality and may harm your hair.

Smart Tips To Use A Hairdryer That Not Everyone Knows

Smart tips to use your hairdryer 

Many people do not know how to use a hairdryer effectively and safely, so it can easily break out. You can refer to the following uses to care for healthy hair naturally beautiful.

How to use a normal hairdryer

Smart Tips To Use A Hairdryer That Not Everyone Knows

The important thing to remember when drying your hair is not to dry it when it is too wet or to dry it for too long. Here are some notes when you use a hairdryer in the usual way to dry your hair.

  • Do not dry your hair immediately after shampooing: You can dry your hair with a soft towel, let the hair dry naturally before using a hairdryer to your damp hair. This will help you minimize the negative impact of heat on your hair.
  • Dry hair at low temperature: You should choose hair drying at a moderate temperature. If the machine has a cool mode, you should use this level of drying. At such temperatures, the hair will be able to maintain proper moisture, prevent splitting and breaking.
  • Blow-dry each strand: Instead of focusing on drying a place for too long, you should divide your hair into different sections and dry evenly around. In addition, you should keep the machine about 15 cm away to avoid direct heat on the hair. Continue drying until the hair is still a bit damp. You should not dry your hair too dry as this will make the hair more prone to damage, frizz.

After you’ve dried your hair, you can use a little essential oil to help your hair shinier. However, do not use too much as this may cause the hair to become greasy.

How to use a hairdryer to create straight hair

Smart Tips To Use A Hairdryer That Not Everyone Knows

Do you have curly hair and want to straighten it but don’t want to go to a hair salon? A dryer will be a good way to get there. The way to dry your hair for styling straight hair is a little different than regular drying:

  • Shampoo: To have a beautiful straight hairstyle as expected, the first step is that you need to wash your hair properly. You should use a shampoo that smoothes hair with thick, dry hair and shampoo thickens hair with fine hair. Avoid rubbing conditioner too close to the roots because it sticks to the scalp.
  • Apply straightening serum: Apply a small amount of straightening serum from the middle body of your hair to the roots and massage gently.
  • Use the right type of comb: Your hairstyle depends a lot on the type of comb you use when drying your hair. For straight hair, the paddle comb is a wise choice. Your straight hairstyle is successful or not depending greatly on choosing a high-power hairdryer and the right type of comb.
  • How to dry hair straight: First you should start drying from the top of the head, direct airflow from top to bottom and dry from the root to the top. You divide your hair into small sections to straighten your hair easily, without having to repeat it more to prevent damage. Then, brush your hair from the top to the bottom, directing the dryer closer to the body of the hair, following the direction of the comb. Finally, apply some hair spray to keep your hair healthy.

Note that you should blow-dry each small strand of hair for easier styling. In case your hair is still slightly bent, you need to dry your hair again and try to pull it straight with your hair.

How to use a hairdryer to style curly hair 

Smart Tips To Use A Hairdryer That Not Everyone Knows

You can also make your own curly hairstyle with very simple items at home like hair curlers or dryers. Refer to using a hairdryer to create a stylish curly hairstyle easily and quickly at home:

  • Wet your hair: Spray moisturizer evenly on your hair or moisten your hair a little if there are moisturizers on your hair the day before. You should pay attention to make your hair wet enough, not soaked. Wet hair is not only inconvenient for creating textures but also makes curly hair much more difficult.
  • Apply gel to the ends: If the hair is tangled, you need to remove it gently to avoid damage and hair loss. Then, you apply the gel to the ends. The amount of the gel and the location of the gel depending on how much you want to curl your hair.
  • Use hair rollers or a round brush: You divide the hair into small sections, tied with elastics or hairpins. Next, take a round brush placed at the end of the hair and roll it to the roots and prepare a hairdryer. This helps to reduce frizz and make it easier to curl.
  • Dry hair: Use a dryer with at moderate heat, keep the dryer about 15–20 cm from the head. While drying your hair, pull down the round brush and roll-up. Do this a few times until your hair is dry and sticky. Continue to repeat the same steps until all the hair has been curled completely with the dryer.

After drying, use your fingers to smooth the hair from the feet to the ends after finishing for a natural look.

Smart Tips To Use A Hairdryer That Not Everyone Knows

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