Some Interesting Information About European Hair Extensions Suppliers

The hair extension trade is a multi-million dollar industry, especially European hair. Let’s read MACSARA post to find out the reasons why European hair extensions become the hot term that many women are willing to buy these hair products.

- Some Interesting Information About European Hair Extensions Suppliers

Ukrainian hair industry

It would seem that Ukraine is an export hub for most of those who have ever looked into buying hair extensions, wigs… The 2018 export figures for fake or processed hair in Ukraine are as low as only about £253,000 against imports worth £1,226,000. Official statistics for import/export of natural human hair (sometimes labeled as “Russian Hair” because they’re so alike) is zero.

Ukrainian hair industry large - Some Interesting Information About European Hair Extensions Suppliers

You may hear a lot about Ukraine’s hair exportation business but you rarely hear about the domestic market for wigs and fake hair in Ukraine. Wigs have long been a staple in Ukrainian culture.

In Ukrainian wig shops, most hair items for sale are made of either synthetic hair or real hair sourced from China. However, there are some made from Ukrainian hair, especially the long, strong, undyed (‘virgin’) Slavic type of strand that gets true hair fetishists sweating.

A single, natural Ukrainian hairpiece may cost from around £350-600 if made by a local company, like the city of Dnipro’s famous “Gipermarket Volos” (“Hair Mall”), and up to £4,500 if custom-made by a selected professional.

Russian Hair Company

Russian Hair Company is a hair extension supplier that has superior quality. Its’ hair extensions, wigs, and toppers have increased in popularity that has introduced to the worldwide e-commerce in 2003.

Russian Hair Company large - Some Interesting Information About European Hair Extensions Suppliers

This hair supplier recommended that you should carefully choose European Hair, Euro Hair, European Quality or 100% European Remy Hair. Silicone oil treatment can make this type of hair to look silky at first but invariably, this is NOT European Hair. This hair has been acid processed to be tangle-free and to look like European Hair. To begin with, the hair looks nice, however, it has been coated with silicone oil to add shine and body to the hair. The silicone layer starts to wash out after a few shampoos. Then quickly the hair becomes brittle and dry leading to break down. Every washing time, it will worsen.

Virgin Hair & Beauty

Virgin Hair & Beauty is a privately owned company with the online business method. Over the past 8 years, it has established long term business relationships with the very best real human hair collectors in the world. Using only the highest quality best real human hair and the best salon professional colors, human hair extensions will be custom made for customers by the skilled staff with direct oversight from experienced human hair specialists ensuring customer’s order is made to spec and on time.

Virgin Hair Beauty large - Some Interesting Information About European Hair Extensions Suppliers

This supplier does have a small collection of in-stock items that can be shipped within 24 hours. The hair extension is made in Britain by skilled professionals under strict and assured quality control. It became clear that Virgin Remy Hair was the future of hair extensions in Europe. Virgin Hair & Beauty have become a thriving business based in London, fulfilling orders from all over the world. This is a truly international company and there is no place too far for its hair extensions to be delivered.

Virgin Hair & Beauty also keep ahead of the trends and develop new products for the market that is bespoke and customizable service, start by choosing hair type and select from a number of options to create the perfect hair extensions.

At Virgin Hair & Beauty, they all serve a different purpose. Russian hair is a very fine hair type, its available in all colors from virgin dark brown to lightest blonde (when colored to lighter shades). Virgin Blonde Russian hair is like gold dust, they specialize in the coloring of human hair extensions so that we can cater to all hair types and shades.

European hair extensions will suit straight and wavy hairstyles. European hair is denser than Russian Hair so if you would like to add volume as well as length to your natural hair, its best to choose European hair extensions.

These are the popular European hair extension suppliers that you can refer to choose the best hair products for yourself.