Some Tips For Caring Hair Extension

Beauty trend of modern women today, in addition to the combination of eye-catching, hot dress with the high heels, the hair is also very noticeable women.

To meet this demand, beauty technology has developed rapidly and updated many new beauty methods to help women overcome the shortcomings as quickly as possible. From a short-haired girl you want to be more feminine with a long, smooth haircut, your hair is the one for you. However, to get the hair like the hair after the hair is not as simple as you think. And then, MACSARA, we will provide you some tips to take care of the 12 inch weave hair extension. Expect for, we supply various hair extension with the best hair and best service.

Brush hair lightly

Combination hair is not easy at all if you are not clever. You should use a soft comb and brush from the ends of the hair upwards and carefully comb the hairs, avoiding tangles.

At the same time, always pay attention to one hand holding the brush, the other keep light hair on the scalp to prevent hair loss. When you go to bed, you should use a silk scarf to tie your hair or put your hair on the pillow, using light fingers to minimize the damage to the hair. You should not use balm or silicon cosmetics to spray into the hair because it can cause the hair to slip easily.

Be careful when washing your hair

Hair wash for hair is a problem, so during the first time, many of you still spend time in the shampoo to get professional care and the best way. But not everyone is qualified to date, so pay attention to the following will help you keep your hair beautiful at home.

You must make sure your hair is removed before shampooing, use a comb to remove tangles if not after washing your hair will be pathetic.

– Then stand straight under the shower so that the water ebbs from the top of the head down to the natural fall of the hair so that the hair will be tangled.

– Put the shampoo on the palm, foam and gently massage the hair from top to bottom.

– With the hair connected, you gently insert each finger into the scalp and gently rub attention, clean the scalp with hair because the scalp is “breathless”, so if you do not keep clean. It will lead to the risk of dandruff, hair fungus. Rinse off the shampoo with water and restrict hot water to the haircut.

When using the conditioner, massage the conditioner with your fingertips, then rub the fingertips with your fingers.

When you finish washing, you avoid getting a towel, but only slightly curl your hair from the body to the top. And when your hair is wet you should not brush your hair.

Limit use of hair dryer with hair extension

Because the hair is dead hair should not be provided nutrients, it is easy to loose and split so you limit the heat impact on the hair. In cases where it is necessary to dry, let the dryer in the wind and dryer mode from the top of the head down to the hair roots to avoid tangling and should not dry the hair too dry.

Be careful with chemicals

Like heat, chemicals are the enemy of hair splicing. So whenever you want to dye or style your hair, you should not do it at home, but go to the salon, experts will have the appropriate advice for you, use chemicals suitable for each type of hair.

Use the right hair care products

Because the hair is connected to the hair is dead, it will not easily absorb nutrients from the oil. Only active ingredients on the surface of the hair to avoid the rubbing and electrostatic for hair so that 12 inch weave hair extensions in the spray form are used more but avoid moisturizing this area because it is easy to cause hair fungus.

You should also use salon shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair tied. Non-sulfate hair care products have less bleach and will keep your hair firm for longer. Sulfates in shampoos produce foam, but it is a factor in your hair drying.

If you would like to own the best hair, you should take care it right now. You will be confident when going out with a smooth and shine hair. Try to make new your look, you will be surprise at all.

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