Son Tung M-TP With Beautiful Hairstyles Leading The Trend Of 2019

Son Tung M-TP always changes his fashion style in a new way. He always created new young trends when making a new MV and his hairstyle is no exception. With extremely unique and youthful hairdos, he created a perfect wonderful star image in many people’s hearts.


When talking about the name “Son Tung M-TP”, surely, no one who does not know this talented guy. Not only famous for singing with hundreds of millions of song’s views, but also by his handsome appearance with the cool and fashionable styles. With a huge fan club, he seems to have the largest fan club among Vietnamese artists. Son Tung always knows how to change his looks. Keep reading this article to know well about his awesome hairstyle.

1. Mullet Hairstyle – Run Now

The hairstyle in the recent MV of Son Tung M-TP named “Run now” is concerned by many men especially the “Sky”-name of Son Tung M-TP fan club. Not only good music but also the new hairstyle in the MV created a “hair fever” for young people in Vietnam and around the world. Son Tung’s new hairdo gives him a cool look that fits well with the context of MV and it is the favorite hairstyle of a lot of famous stars in the world in recent years. Even Korean stars don’t ignore this unique hair trend.

Son Tung M-TP’s mullet hairstyle is cut short in front that forms a long tail towards the nape of the neck. Styling this hairstyle can be shaved 2 sides of sideburns to increase his masculinity. This haircut is the picky hair so you need to consider carefully when choosing for yourself this hair.

2. Side Part Hairstyle

This is a style that our original “Thai Binh” singer has left in many previous MVs: Lac Troi, Noi Nay Co Anh, Am Tham Ben Em… Perhaps, Son Tung himself has developed the trend of youth-Side Part- in the past time. Many young people said that if he is Son Tung, every hairstyle will become a hot trend.

In the past, Son Tung was quite loyal to the side part hairstyle with a lot of different variations that made the audience admire as well as sing his hair praise.

3. Korean Bang

This guy always pursues a Korean style with beautiful and unique hairstyles. His Korean bang is no exception with the smoky hair color that gives him a romantic appearance. Son Tung M-TP also impressed the viewers by the long silver-gray hair of the ancient style. It seems that this special hairstyle has been labeled Son Tung M-TP.

4. Flat Bang

Recently he changed his hair when appearing in public with a completely new hairstyle. It seems the most daring change ever with a mischievous Mohican hairstyle.

Son Tung’s new hairstyle is not fussy, on the contrary, it is easy to cut with neatly cut short bangs and the sides of sideburns are neatly shaved. Certainly, this is a hot hairdo that has become a trend of teenagers for a long time.

5. Hairstyle In “Em Cua Ngay Hom Qua”

When Son Tung M-TP released the song “Em Cua Ngay Hom Qua”, quickly, this song was at the top of the charts and ranked top with millions of views. Perhaps this is a song that helps the career of Son Tung M-TP has entered a new page. This is a lively young song with his style and eye-catching blue hair color.

6. Curly Tangled Layer

The most impressive and exclusive in the “Give it to me” MV is the manly curly hair when appeared with Snoop Dogg (famous rapper).  Beyond the framework of a romantic hairstyle and Korean-style layer of hair, this hairstyle of Son Tung’s curly layer brings a wild and immensely playful appearance.

There are not many singers who choose this hairstyle because it is quite difficult to match with the face shape, but for Son Tung, no hairstyle is impossible for him. He chose this haircut as a highlight in the MV.

This hairstyle is quite hard to create and wants to get this hairstyle you need to have a fashionable outlook. But if guys are personality and want to break the way, be confident to MACSARA to make this hairstyle by wearing hair extension!

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7. Wet Side Part Hair

As a handsome singer, Son Tung knows how to take full advantage of his appearance strength by leaving his wet Side Part hairstyle to enhance his charm.

Unlike the normal Side Part, this wet Side Part hairdo adds not only a strong masculine image but also a cool look.

8. Comma Hair

This is probably the simplest hairstyle that Son Tung has put in the “Give it to you” MV, he also created a trend with this hairstyle for a while. Son Tung’s face is small and slim so it is very suitable for this hair. So that it is not difficult to understand when this hairstyle creates trend again.

This hairdo is simple and highly applicable, therefore, it’s easy for you to take this hot trend hairstyle of Son Tung.

Here are some different haircuts. Above is a collection of Macsarahair about the most beautiful hairstyles of Son Tung MTP. If you are a person who is his fan, do not miss the fashionable idol star’s hairstyles. For the current famous singer like Son Tung, his hairstyles also contribute to his fame, reaching the hearts of millions of Vietnamese and worldwide. Hopefully, you will choose for yourself the best hairdo. Please continue to accompany and support more for Macsarahair.