Step By Step Tutorial: How To Make A Wig (DIY)?

Nowadays, wigs became to be an imminent item of fashion of women. Most of the women like to purchase a wig to change your hairstyles immediately with the latest fashion trend. However, the price of a wig is so expensive so the trending hair wigs are those that are made at home. If you are one of those women who desire to have a greater and perfect look by adding some hair extensions with a suitable cost, then you should follow the MACSARA DIY procedure on how to make a wig at home to achieve this.

How many types of wigs?

How To Make A Wig

It is various when referring to wig types (closure, lace frontal, partial/half, 360 lace frontal, and full regular). So the cost of making a wig varies depending on the type of hair extensions that significantly determines the cost of making a wig, quality, and durability. As you know, synthetic hair is the cheapest and comes with a wide range of colors but it does not last very long. Human hair is more expensive than synthetic fibers but it is more durable. The best type of hair to make a wig is virgin hair. Although it can be expensive, you can use heat and apply color to it without much worry. Besides, it can also be reused for years.

How many bundles does it take to make a wig?

In spite of hair wefts, bulk hair bundles are components that you can use during the wig creating process. Depending on your head size, you may use 2-3 hair bundles to make a wig.

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What do I need to make a wig?

Wig head (mannequin head)

Wig stand or tape

Hair (sew-in extensions/hair wefts)

Needle & thread

Hair glue

A blow dryer or hot glue gun & sticks

Wig combs

Adjustable dome wig cap


Wig band

Lace frontal glue (optional)

Lace closure

Pearl headed pins

How long does it take to make a wig?

This is a big question that everyone has when making a wig at home. It will take about more than 2 hours for beginners. However, you need that time to ensure the durability of your wig.

How to make a wig?

Step 1: Take your head measurements from the front to the back, around the hairline for the circumference and from ear to ear by flatting your hair for the tape to get accurate measurements.

Step 2: Place the head of the mannequin on the wig holder and carefully stabilize it for easy handling. You can also place it on a chair or table with tape. Take measurements of extensions and cut them, match the circumference of the wig cap and properly secure them from back to front.

Step 3: When you want to make a wig with lace closure, secure the lace closure at the front of the cap and use the thread and needle to sew it along the edge all around. Don’t forget to make tight knots to ensure the lace closure is tightly secured when stitching.

Step 4: Put the tracks down in a U shape pattern as you make your way in creating the wig. You must ensure that the extensions are well secured. This is time to use a hair glue and blow dryers, needles, and thread or hot glue guns and glue sticks. Using the needle and thread will take longer to install but it is the most secure method. Hot glue and hair glue may be a faster option. Note: Be careful when using hot glue so that it does not touch the surface of your skin. Stitch your first track into the wig cap from one side of the lace closure to the other along the edge of the cap and then cut off any excess. If the track is long enough, go round again while folding it properly. It is recommended that you should sew in the opposite direction.

Step 5: After you sew all tracks, the last track should be sewn on the closure. Then cut off the excess track after properly securing it with a knot. You can apply some hair care products or style your ideal hairdo.

For the wigs with bob hairstyle: After sewing in the hair wefts, you should wear the wig and make the first cut to the desired bob length. Then put it back on the wig stand and carefully trim it to ensure both sides of bob length. You can use any heat tool to get the desired style.

For the full lace wig: Use a lace wig cap is the first thing you have to do when making the full lace wig. Knot the human hair into the cap that enables to style.

Applying how to make a wig DIY comes in handy when you want to try out something new or achieve a different look from your norm. Hopefully, the process above will help you achieve the look that you desire. Don’t shy away from the process and have fun while doing it. You also buy a wig product that you can choose the length, texture, and color you want at MACSARA.