Step-By-Step Tutorial To Braid Cornrows Like Beyonce Of Lion King Premiere

Finally, the time we have been waiting for is almost here as the worldwide release of the live-action remake of The Lion King is right around the corner!

Last Tuesday, Disney hosted an official premiere of the movie “The Lion King” for the press and media at Los Angeles, the premiere gathered all the big stars from the movie and especially marked the first time going back to walk on the red carpet of the 37-years-old singer Beyoncé after a while. As expected from a person who always leads the fashion trend, one more time, Beyonce surprised us with her diverse sense of vogue, whether it’s about cloth or hairstyle. Appear with the swirling cornrows ponytail hairstyle, the legendary pop singer engulfed people in awe and amazement feeling with her glamorous look.

Beyonce’s hairstyles are always the endless inspiration of fashionista around the world and maybe you too! If you’re finding ways to make cornrows to be as fabulous as Beyonce, then here, MACSARA has written down the step-by-step tutorial to braid cornrows for the beginner. Continue reading!

First, you need to learn how to braiding basic cornrows:

1. Wash and detangle your hair

Wash your hair like you normally do with your casual shampoo and hair conditioner. While your hair is still damp, gently detangle the hair and use a leave-in conditioner to brush it evenly. Then apply butter or oil to lock in moisture. The braiding process will be much easier when your hair is moisturized and has no tangles.

  • You can use oils or kinds of butter such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, aloe butter, or shea butter products to keep your hair moisturized and free of tangles. These products can be bought at the pharmacy or beauty supply store.
  • If you have natural curly oily hair, you may want to blow dry your hair before starting braiding. This action will help stretch out your curl, thus braiding hair will be much easier and the cornrows will turn out to be neat and beautiful.

2. Section off your hair into rows from front to back

To part hair easier, you may need a rat-tail comb. Use the end of a rat-tail comb to divide your hair to different rows starting from your forehead to your nape. For more convenient, you can part your hair down from the middle first, then divide each side into from 1 to 3 more rows. Remember to use small-tooth clips or bobby pins to secure each row and keep them away from each other.

  • You should space your hair evenly so that the rows will have the same size, result in the fancier look of cornrows later.

3. Starting to make cornrows

Begin with a divided row of hair, unclip it then grab some hair from the front section, right above the forehead. Split that hairpiece into three even smaller hair strands, temporarily called: left strands, middle strand, and right strand.

  • You can apply some edge control along your hairline for easier gripping the hair, taming flyaways, thus making your cornrows look neater.

4. Make the first braid stitch

Just like when you make a traditional braid, starting with either left strand or right strand, cross it over the top of the center section, make the first middle strand is now the side strand. Then move the strand on the opposite side to switch with the current centerpiece.

5. Add a small piece of hair from the hair row underneath to each braid stitch

Continue braiding the hair row using the above technique, except that whenever you make a new braid stitch, grab some additional hair from the row and add to hair strand that you are working with to make the braid attached to your head. This technique is quite similar to Dutch braid or French braid.

6. Continue braiding until you reach the nape of your neck

Repeat the process until you braid all the hair from your hair row which also means you don’t have any redundant hair from hair row to add into your braid. Continue to make a traditional braid with the remaining hair and secure the end with an elastic or rubber band.

7. Continue to braid each hair row using the same braiding technique

 Go with Beyonce’s swirl cornrows:

To do swirl cornrows hairstyle, you still have to part your hair from the front section near your forehead but instead of going straight down the nape, you need to curve the line to one head’s side before going back again toward the initial direction. Create as more parallel parts as you want then braid a curved cornrow on each part.

  • The shape of the cornrows will depend on the way you curved the lines
  • Leave the braid free or you also can tie them together in a low ponytail like Beyonce.

Depending on how you creatively part the lines, you can create a lot of unique cornrow styles. Take a look at some beautiful cornrows below and who knows? You may find out the best beautiful hairstyle of your life!