Stunning Cindy Crawford Hairstyles Can Make You Crazy

Cindy has the most stable and wonderful career in her business. Over the years, she still keeps her beauty and charming hair. Cindy Crawford hairstyles are always new and unique. Her long layered hairstyle has been selected by people around the world for many years. Besides, she has many other hairstyles changes. So, follow MACSARA learn about Cindy Crawford beautiful hairstyles!

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Cynthia Ann “Cindy” Crawford was born on February 20, 1966, is an American model and actress. Cindy Crawford has years of success in the modeling. She becomes an international celebrity that has led to roles in television and film and works as a spokesperson. She has two children, son Presley Walker Gerber (1999) and daughter Kaia Jordan Gerber (2001), both of them went into modeling.

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Cindy Crawford has found ways to add a bit of variation within one haircut. The hair can be created in the center or slightly off to the side that looks has a different vibe. Besides, it can be styled wild and wispy with a lot of sophisticated and sleek or feathering and motion, with a lot of shine. The delicate changes in color also keeping things new. Cindy has been using many tones of the darker brown with some shades blonde. She has a slender face and haircuts with a bit of side volume working best for her not to look too skinny.

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From fashion to hair and makeup, there’s no denying the fact that the 90s are back seriously and we couldn’t be more excited. Probably, nobody in the 90s was more glam than Cindy Crawford that her dark eyes, flawless skin, and famous mole.

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Cindy said that she did not care about the appearance at the age of 20, or 30, she just only wanted to look great for 50. She exercise, eat healthily and take really good care of her skin, etc. It’s about looking stunning for however old you are. Moreover, she is also very interested in changing her hairstyle to refresh herself. Let’s take a look at some of Cindy Crawford’s special hairstyles.

1. Soft layers

Cindy Crawford’s layered haircut created with tone on highlights. We can see that the star has a softer and natural hair. The light layers also help to give a more youthful look. This hairstyle is ideal for Cindy’s face shape, which is oval with a square jawlineCindy has a high forehead with a rounded hairline, which looks great with a side part and flipped over fringe. Cindy could pull off bangs with ease, she also looks great with a grown out fringe that stands out her killer cheekbones. To achieve this hair, part hair to one side and sweep the remainder over to the other side. Separate hair into 2-inch sections and loosely curled. Once done, comb fingers through to detangle and make curls looser. Clip-in hair extensions will quickly help you look pretty as you want.

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2. Highlight with loose waves

Cindy’s brown hair seems to become her symbol. She has a warm medium-fair complexion and dark brown eyes which make her best match up to a golden brown. This hair can be achieved by ensuring that the hair is brightest in the front and gradually gets darker towards the back. The layered look also helps to blend the color by providing different dimensions. To get this look, you should section the hair into top and bottom portions by pulling half of it into a clip. Then use the hot treatments. Once the bottom section is done, repeat for the top and then lightly run a comb through to create an effortless, loose wave throughout. MACSARA there is similar 16 inch weave hair. You can choose your favorite length or hair color.

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3. Straight hair

Cindy Crawford’s youthful look is probably the biggest trend. This long dark brown hair helps her hair that looks healthy and shiny. This hairstyle suits women who have an oval or rectangle face shape. To get this look, she recommends using a moisturizing before blow-dry, and flat iron to bring out the shine. Add a bit of twinkle to your outfit and you’ll be shine wherever you go.

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It seems that Cindy Crawford really likes dark blonde and dark brown hair. Throughout the years, we only see her hair in these colors and her hairstyles haven’t changed much. It can be said that these hairstyles bring a youthful look to her even though she’s over 50 years old.

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