Stunning Hair Colors Inspiration For Your Next Salon Visit

Summer is right around the corner, so are you looking for a new’ do for this time? Let debut a new hair colors look for all summer long right now. Well, some girls think that lopping off your lengthy locks is one of the best options for spicing yourself up. But if you don’t mean to go short, then color them with a unique shape of hue. With a dramatic and fresh hair color, it can transform your look entirely still remain the hair length.


There is a wide range of hair colors that are everlasting for all season long such as red hair, blonde hair, ombre hair, silver hair, brown hair. These hair colors will never go out of the list of all-time options for hair color trends. Also, those hues are flooding on Insta and inspired by a lot of hot celebs. In this post, we’ve listed the best new dye job ideas in 2019 summer for you to choose the perfect one. So, keep scrolling to find out some of the best hair color inspirations that you want to head to the salon.

Lightening hair look in summer is highly requested for the hair colorists now. Thinking of blonde hair in this summer is an absolutely right trend that you should try.

Blonde with Dark, Dark Roots

This combination of shades is perfect for all lengths of hair from short to long hair, especially long bob hairstyles like that. It is not a boring and dull blonde anymore but has been much reinvented.  You probably see that hair idea in almost every summer holiday like Coachella for example. The hair look can be ultra-stylish when you match with unique makeup for these summer days.

Peachy Blonde

This peachy blonde hair looks super good on those who have a very fair skin tone like Emma Stone for example. Her shoulder-skimming wavy hair combining with the natural makeup look, she becomes a true goddess on the red carpet. Plus, the burgundy red even enhances her features. Girls with fair complexion must try this style for formal events in summer.

Chestnut Blonde

Who says dark skin tone cannot go blonde?? If you are thinking of blonde hair color for this summer, let try this warm blonde. This center-parted warm blonde bob is inspired by Beyonce with a white gown. This is one of the most stunning combinations, the honey blonde hair with a light Dress of colors. The huge diamond necklace and earrings have dazzled her features perfectly.

Whatever your different skin tone is from the fairest of fair or darkest ones, let get fire with this fiery red hue out there that will work for you. And one of these red colors will make you stand out of the crowd and wow others.

Bright Auburn

The bright auburn hair hue is a balance of warm and cool tone that will suit for who have medium skin with both warm and cool undertones. Bella Thorne takes the experience with eccentric hue and some green neon highlights to finish for a cool and playful vibe. If you are not ready to go for red, then auburn highlights are an ideal choice for medium skin tones like you.

Raspberry Red

Riri has rocked the red hair trend with a raspberry red. This is actually the right hair color for tan or undertones skin. Let take inspiration from Rihanna to opt for a red new look. It will enhance the gold in the skin and ultimately be a perfect match. Adding the berry, burgundy, or wine lipstick to look extra cool. And don’t you want to look cool, thought so?

It comes as no surprise when brown color is always the top hair color trend and never be an out-of-date look ever. Be sure to ask for hair colorists to add some multidimensional effect by using balayage, highlights or doing some funnier with your brown hair.

Dark with Caramel Highlights

What an amazing way to change your hair look. Adding some light blonde highlights or brown blonde highlights to create the dynamic and rich in color like Chrissy. This hairstyle is absolutely perfect for a summer holiday with beachy wavy hair. Don’t be hesitate to try something new by lightening up your natural hair color to a flattering bronde shade with honey-colored highlights like Chrissy Teigen. Tie your hair up with a hairband and smile to shine like her now.

Dark to Light Brown Ombré

The long locks are more beautiful and stunning with this brown to blonde light as ombré styles like that. This style is the right option for those to embrace her natural tresses and don’t want to change much in her hair. Thus, instead of going for blonde, the hairdresser just does ombré styles to give the transition from dark to a warm medium or light brown, like Lake Bell.

Those hair color trends still cannot convince you for an entirely changing look, then jumping on the silver hair trend is definitely a kick start the new chapter of your life.

Ciara’s silver hair

You cannot take your eye off Ciara in Long live Met Gala due to her shining silver hairstyles. We are all obsessed with the metallic finger waves, her sharp eye look. She is totally shining like a diamond on a red carpet.

We are listing some special hue for your hair in this summertime. We hope that it might be some of your assistance to choose from. Besides if you crave a highlight hairstyle but don’t want to dye your natural hair, the best solution is you can visit our website Macsarahair to buy extensions and do whatever you want without ruining it. We highly recommend you mix piano hair extensions products for you to choose the best matches.