Suitable Hairstyles Of Girl’s Face Shape

Everyone has certain face proportions and shapes. Understanding your face form will help you choose the best hairstyle to suitable makeup highlighting the advantages of yourself. The round face is most popular, then the oval face, the long face, the square face, and the heart face.

Just choose the right hairstyle that your face has been crowned 80%. So do you know the best hairstyle for each face? You often follow advice for hairstylists but you also need to find out what kind of face your face will fit in order to predetermine style for yourself. The following news will help you categorize the hairstyles that are suitable for each face and never out of date.

I. Oval Faces

1. Pixie

The pixie hair was very hot in the 80-90 years but it has never been unfashionable. It is suitable for those who have an oval face because it enhances the harmonious balance of the face. A strong, energetic and youthful girl is a big fan of this hairstyle.

macsara pixie large 1 - Suitable Hairstyles Of Girl’s Face Shape

There are many types of hairstyles to choose such as slanted bang, curly hair, and each style brings a unique beauty.

2. Bob hair

macsara Bob large - Suitable Hairstyles Of Girl’s Face Shape

The young and modern bob hairstyle is definitely indispensable for girls with oval faces. You can choose the classic style if your face is average. If your face is a bit thin, small the bulging bob hairstyle will be perfect for you. There are many variations of bob hairstyles such as straightening, curve, tangle, puffing to help you change the daily style without worry. Bob hairstyle harmonizes between feminine, gentle, and personality so it is suitable for many girls and different circumstances.

3. Shoulder-length short hair

macsara Shoulder length short large - Suitable Hairstyles Of Girl’s Face Shape

This kind of short hair is a combination of long hair and short hair. This hairstyle suits many ages that make your face younger. You can choose to have your straight or wavy hair that is really appealing to the look. With moderately short, you can choose this hairstyle for summer or winter that is an appropriate idea.

4. Straight hair

This is a simple but never unfashionable hairstyle. Sometimes, straight hair is simple but the care is very fussy. It is also a bit inconvenient in activities so it will probably be suitable for going to events or special occasions. You should also have cute accessories that are available when needed. With this hair, you can show off your femininity. To add a youthful look, you can change the type of flat bang or trendy slanted bang.

macsara Straight large - Suitable Hairstyles Of Girl’s Face Shape

5. Long curls

macsara Long curls large - Suitable Hairstyles Of Girl’s Face Shape

If you have long hair and you are tired of straight hair so change your hairstyle right now. Making the charming, haughty curls will improve your confidence in your hair. To create luxurious effects, you should pay attention to the shine of the hair with hair gel or regularly use conditioner. Curly long hair will be more suitable with gorgeous dresses.

II. Long Faces

1. Curly bob hair with flat bang

macsara Curly bob hair large - Suitable Hairstyles Of Girl’s Face Shape

Bob hairstyle is quite versatile because it is a good choice for many types of face, including the long face. With different face shapes, bob hair may have different lengths and bulges accordingly. Normally, you will let your bob hair with a bit short to help balance the face or create the bulge and curl to make the face look bigger. Owning this charming hairstyle is the right way to get perfect beauty.

2. Hair lob with class cutting 

macsara Hair lob with class cutting large - Suitable Hairstyles Of Girl’s Face Shape

Cutting lob hair is one of the most appropriate choices for long face girls. It makes your face become plumper and rounder. Hair layers create a natural extension of the face.  A lot of women find their own suitable dyed hair color making their hair more special than ever. This hairstyle is easy to make with no need to be styled and doesn’t take too much time to care. They also help your hair stay healthy.

3. Curly hair

Many girls have long faces who are reluctant to keep their long hair because they are afraid that it will make their faces longer. But just a little change of hair will be extremely effective beyond expectation.

macsara Curly hair 7b5c08ad 8484 4579 8bda 414e0aa4ee69 large - Suitable Hairstyles Of Girl’s Face Shape

Curly hair is both feminine and personality. Plus the turn to help to open the face giving the serene face. Natural curls can deceive the eyes of the other person as they cover a part of your face. This is amazing, isn’t it? And of course, you can’t forget to color your hair, especially bright hair colors.

III. Round Faces

1. Shoulder-length straight hair

macsara Shoulder length straight hair large - Suitable Hairstyles Of Girl’s Face Shape

If you have short hair, try a shoulder-width hairstyle. They keep the balance of your face, not focusing on the middle axis of the face anymore. The slanted bang often makes the face a little longer so your face will look much smaller. The moderate long hair through your shoulders helps to hide the slightly chubby face.

2. Straight hair with long bang

If you own a round face you should think about the long bang. There are many people who do not like this hairstyle but it is suitable for round faces. The straight hair with a long bang can cover your full face easily.

This hairstyle improves your appearance that looks like a beautiful lady. Why do not you try it once?

macsara Straight hair with long bang large - Suitable Hairstyles Of Girl’s Face Shape

IV. Square Faces

1. Long wavy hair

macsara Long wavy hair large - Suitable Hairstyles Of Girl’s Face Shape

This long wavy hairstyle helps to cover the big square face and create a serenity of your face. When you own this hair you will create a good impression from the first look to others. They also build a broad-minded style for girls when combined with sparse or split bangs.

2. Curly bob hairstyle

macsara Curly bob hairstyle large - Suitable Hairstyles Of Girl’s Face Shape

As mentioned above, bob hair is multi-functional because it fits well with many types of faces, including slightly square faces. Curly bob hairstyle does not require too much balance so it creates a natural style for you.

The young bob hair is suitable for working, going out, or luxury events that are combined with the dress to improve your aristocratic and charming beauty. The bang part choice to have depending on the big, small, or length of the face. Another plus point of bob hair is the clever showing off the neck and the shoulder so that you have an intense attraction.

To choose the right hairstyle for each face, you also need to spend a lot of effort to find out. With the reason is that save your time and your money, visit our website MACSARA. Our staff will help you to get the best choice of hair extensions that makes you satisfied. Wish you have a nice and luxurious hair.