Summer Hair Care Guide: Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Hair Look Gorgeous In Summer

Summer is right around the corner. It’s time for you to relieve stress and take your suitcase in order to get an unforgettable summer holiday. To pre, you can’t miss on-trend hairstyles and fashionable outfits so as post your brilliant photos on Insta. All of them will be well-deserved on your summer holiday. However, the sun rays in the summer will screw everything up since they cause a lot of damages to your skin and your hair as well. When you stand under the sun for a long period of time, the UVAs and UVBs will damage your hair cuticles, eventually, it can make the hair strand be more drying, breakage and brittle.  Therefore, when summer enters, you need to take more time and effort to take care of your healthy and beautiful mane to keep it less damaged and still silky and smooth as they used to be. Especially, if your hair is colored, then it is even more fragile and extremely easy to get damaged in summer. The UV rays will make your tresses ever drier and rougher. This is the reason why many women go for a jaw-skimming or shorter hair cut in this season. However, if you do not want to lop off your locks, the most important thing is to apply proper summer hair care routine all summer long to boost hair and scalp health. Keep reading this post, we’ve rounded up a list of tips and tricks to help you overcome those issues right away.

I. The causes

Before taking a closer look at summer hair care tips, we will seek for the major problem we are struggling with is the frizz. The main cause of frizz is that the hair soaks up the humidity and the heat in the air which makes the stretching out and shrinking at the outer of the hair strand, eventually resulting in breaks in the cuticle.

Another cause that can make your hair get tangled, less shiny, and smooth is swimming during summers. The main factor here is Chlorine in the water which can rinse off natural oils of the hair and serious damage to the hair look. Besides, the heavy salt in the seawater can be another reason for drier hair since it can make your hair dehydrate and more tangled.

II. Summer Hair Care Tips

Drinking more water

There is no doubt that water is extremely necessary for your hair, your skin as well. Especially, your body even needs twice the amount of water than usual in the summer since it will be dehydration by sweating so hard. Therefore, if you skip drinking a glass of water, your hair and your skin will be affected and become drier or oiler. So, keep in mind to bring a water bottle in your bag all the time and sip some water whenever you remember.

Avoid Coloring

Coloring may be your best choice when it comes to switching up your look, but it won’t be right in the summer.  If your hair is colored of bleached, it is so weak and dry. Also, it can easily get faded and damaged under the sunlight. So, it is much better if you avoid coloring in the summer.

Cover with a Scarf

Cover your hair with a big colorful scarf before going to the swimming pool or the sea will be one of the perfect solutions ever. Even stepping out of your home, wearing this scarf will not be allowed your tresses expose to the UV rays, then it cannot affect your hair eventually. A big hat is also our recommendation.

Trim It

Trimming your hair not only changes you look, but it also can protect your mane from damages of sunlight in the summer. Plus, going for shorter hair will bring a playful and versatile vibe that makes you younger than your age. Moreover, one thing you should know is that the hair will grow even faster in summer than winter. So, it may be used to be in the next season. Many hairstylists have suggested that you should cut off your hair in order to get rid of the split-end to boost hair growth.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Your hair and scalp will easily be dirty and sweaty in the summer since you tend to sweat a lot.  The dust and polluted chemicals from the air also contribute to make it oiler. Then, you may shampoo it more frequently than in winter. However, washing a lot may take out water from hair and dry out the hair faster, you should opt for moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Using sulfate-free shampoo is the most favorite option to remove the build-up on your scalp.

You must remember to use conditioner for deep conditioning hair. Try some natural oils such as coconut oil or argan oil to get smooth and silky hair as you expected. After all, apply hair serum in order to protect your hair from sun rays.

There are several tips for you to take care of your hair at home during the summer. We hope that it will be is of assistance to you. Keep follow and support us in the future. MACSARA will bring you the best information about hair and hair extensions. If you are interested in MACSARA’s hair extensions, please clicking on this website: macsara.vn, we will provide you the best products at reasonable prices.