Macsara Remy Hair Extension: Be A Smart Consumer

Wearing hair extensions is no longer strange to anyone. Not only women but men also like this convenient kind of hair changing method. You can change your appearance completely in a few minutes instead of waiting hours in a hair salon. More importantly, you don’t need to use dyes or chemicals applying directly to your real hair. That is why many women love putting on Remy Hair. However, this poses some problems. There exist so many types of hair extensions on the market, including Human hair, Synthetic hair, Remy hair, Non-Remy Hair, Virgin Hair, etc. So how to distinguish them? Let Macsarahair helps you with this post. Hope this post will solve your confusion!

Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair Extensions

Why it comes with Human Hair and Synthetic Hair at first? It is because Remy hair is derived from human hair. Therefore, we think that it is necessary to help you understand a little bit about two different hair.

We will compare them based on some criteria, including origin, versatility, price, duration, styling, maintenance and feel.

Referring to the origin, Human hair is made of harvested human hair. As a result, they look, feel and act just like your real hair. Whereas Synthetic hair extensions are produced from man-made fibers. So, those extensions often bring us with unnatural feel.

Another question that many people ask is which type of hair extensions will last longer? Honestly, Human hair will last over a year if it is provided with proper care. While the Synthetic will last only a few months (1-5 months).

When making a comparison in maintenance and care between Human and Synthetic Hair, it can be seen that maintaining as well as caring for the former is much easier than later. Human hair can be shampooed, dyed and streaked whereas it may not be the same with a synthetic hairpiece. Synthetic hair needs not frequent wash but when you do all you need is a little wash, dry, and shake it out.

What’s more? The two hair also shows the difference on the basis of styling.  Synthetic hair cannot be styled under hot styling tools whereas human hair can with the help of curling irons or rods. You can blow-dry the human hair like the way you do with your own hair but with synthetic hair, it’s necessary to see the instructions carefully.

Well, we sure before purchasing you’re probably wondering how much you will spend if you purchase Human vs. Synthetic. Obviously, Human hair is more advantageous than Synthetic one. Therefore, it requires a higher price. Because of the higher quality, natural look as described earlier and longer-lasting, human hair pieces are definitely worth the cost.

That’s all about Human and Synthetic Hair. So now move on to Remy Hair Extensions.

What are Remy Hair Extensions?

remy hair extensions

What does “Remy” mean here? It is not a pretty woman’s name. It truly refers to the main factors of the hair and the method used to produce the hair extensions. These hair extensions, like their name, use real high-quality human hair, which is collected from one source or donor, as the only material to make them. This ensures consistency in texture.

Also, Remy hair is gathered in a method in which keeping the hair in a ponytail and cutting (tops at tops, and ends at ends) as the way it naturally grew. Therefore, all hair’s cuticles are intact and kept in the same direction. These cuticles will keep protein in the middle of hair fiber which makes hair fiber silky, soft all its lifetime. That’s why these hair extensions are always smooth without any tangling or matting.

Remy hair extensions are also popular on the market due to their high quality and good price. As a leading hair supply, MACSARA always provides our customers with the best Remy hair extensions. All our products are made from Vietnam Remy hair and manufactured carefully by skillful workers.

Whether or not hair extensions are “Remy” will have a huge influence on the quality and the longevity of the hair. Hence, it is vital to understand the difference between Remy and Non-Remy products.

What is Non-Remy Hair?

non remy hair extensions

Making a small comparison here. Non–Remy hair is also 100% human hair, but it is collected or sorted from various sources such as multiple hair suppliers, hairbrushes and even salon floors. The direction of cuticles are mixed up, this makes the hair tangle and matte quite easily.

Before Non-Remy hair come out on the market, it has to be experienced a chemical process to remove most of the cuticles. This process causes the hair stripped. So, some manufacturers use heavy silicone to make the hair appear shiny and healthy, but as soon as you wash it the silicone comes off and the hair mattes into a huge mess.

What is Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair extensions are 100% real human hair that has never been treated with a chemical process. This hair is expensive, yet it does last for a longer time than Remy hair, making it worth the cost.

Virgin hair is usually collected from younger women, so there are no grey hairs or split ends. Only hair donors whose hair long full healthy can be chosen. Virgin hair is usually selected by hand from thick, full, long ponytails. That is the reason why the hair is already healthy and it does not require any kind of additional chemical processing to make it look beautiful, shiny and soft.

Virgin hair and Remy hair appear similar to some extent. So how to distinguish them? Macsara shares some following suggestions: Chemically processed hair will have a strong chemical scent, so smelling the hair and you can realize where it is virgin or not. Or you can base on the color to distinguish. Most virgin weave hair extensions own their naturally dark color.

Single, Double and Super Double Drawn Hair

When purchasing virgin hair or human hair extensions, you may meet these three words, single drawndouble drawn and super double drawn. It’s necessary to know the difference. So, how to choose the right one we wish? Here we Macsara simply show you their differences.

Single drawn: It can be said that single drawn hair is the most popular type of hair extensions. Normally, a standard bundle of the single drawn hair contains about 50% full-length hair and 50% other length hair. This is the first quality standard.

Double drawn:  This is the next high-quality standard which contains 60 to 70% of hair at the same length. Craftsmen have to remove shorter hair strands from the bundle by hand. Therefore, this type of hair can deliver a natural look and thicker ends.

Super drawn: This is the highest standard. Apart from being made of 100% Vietnam Remy hair, its quality is also wonderful with no tangle and no insects. What’s more, all strands are arranged in the same direction.

So now, nothing can prevent you from choosing a beautiful hair extension. Consult our brown color with length 18-inch clip in hair or make a trip to our website for more preference: Let Macsara help shine your beauty!