Team-Building Activities Keep Us Closer And Closer

Your life will be full of joy and happiness if every day you can be with your beloved ones. And so we are. We will always treasure all the memorable moments when being members of the big family – Macsarahair.

The Year-end Party at Macsarahair

It’s so lucky because we have dedicated leaders. They always give us good conditions to develop in the best working environment. Recently, the board of directors tries to hold many outdoor activities to promote corporate culture.
When it comes to corporate culture, team-building activities are regarded as the spiritual food that helps connect people in a different setting. Moreover, through these activities, employees can improve communication, making a plan, problem-solving, and other soft skills as well as take time to relax after hours of hard work.To celebrate International Women’s Day and boost solidarity among members of the company, we had a short trip to Son Tinh Camp, Hanoi on 6th March 2021. It left us many beautiful memories with beloved employees. New members had a chance to express their thoughts and feelings with old ones about work or daily lives.

We took part in many games and had a wonderful time recharging energy and practicing collaboration among members of a team. It’s hard to imagine everyone turned into a different person after joining those exciting activities. Some look as if they were introverts, but the truth is the opposite. Instead of the serious face at work, they showed off their radiant face and their great sense of humor on that amazing day.

“Work hard and play hard”. We all attended the games with high spirits and always got ready to face any challenges the organizer required. There’s no denying that each of us was so well-coordinated and tried our best to win. No word can express those exciting moments and we just know that we love Macsarahair so much as it’s the place where keeps the best memories with our great colleagues.People seemed to be exhausted after finishing all of the team-building activities, but no one had any complaints about everything.

Time went by so quickly and we had to say goodbye to Son Tinh Camp with a lot of regrets at the end of that day.Though it’s not a long trip, it somehow helps us bridge the gap and get to know each other better. Hope that we will have a more great time together as well as motivation to build the company’s brand that is equal to other prestigious ones in the world.

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